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Guild Lore and HistoryEdit

The roots of the Crimson Legion lie in the Scarlet Crusade. Vaalith Solivade was High Templar for the Crusade, stationed in the Scarlet Monastery until he was seperated from his brethren. When he returned to the Alliance, he found the Crusade shattered and weak. He saw corruption in it's ranks, and chose to take action. He worked hard through many different orders, including the Scarlet Brigade, the Scarlet Rebirth, and the Scarlet Empire, to try and revitalize the Scarlet Crusade. All had failed, but this time, he was to make no mistakes.

The Crimson Legion was formed by a guild merger of the Scarlet Empire, led by Vaalith Solivade, and the Knights of Omega, led by Varict. The merge provided Vaalith with a new start at Varict's side to bring the Crusade back to life. The guild flourished in time, growing upwards to the point where people began to recognize it as a "threat" and Stormwind organized themselves to combat the order. The guild was forced to move to Caer Darrow in the Plaguelands, where they now live in secrecy whilst they bolster their forces for the return home to Lordaeron.

Guild InformationEdit

We are a medium to heavy roleplaying guild based upon the Scarlet Crusade. We are NOT affiliated with the Crimson Legion led by Dathrohan. We have no ties to Balnazzar's Crusade or Mal'ganis' Onslaught. We follow the Three Virtues of the Light, and we serve Alexandros, or rather his legacy, considering he is now dead.

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