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Alliance 32 The Council of Shadows is an family friendly Alliance guild. The guild is managed by a single guild master and a core group of officers who's presence provides a strong foundation to the guild as a whole. The guild actively participates in Holiday events and does have regularly scheduled raid times. While the guild is not a "hard-core" raiding guild, it is capable of holding 10-man and 25-man Icecrown Citadel, Ulduar, and Trial of the Crusader runs on a regular basis.

History Edit

The Council of Shadows was formed on the Sisters of Elune realm promptly after it's opening (Sister's opened on January 1st, 2007) by a group of people wanting to help one another and to progress through the content presented in the game. The guild master and many of the officers and core members have been together through several different online games for the past eight to nine years. Throughout the years, at least four times forces have worked to tear the core group apart, but in the end they are still together and stronger than ever. Like all guilds, some members leave from time to time, however the bulk of those who left tend to realize that they made a mistake in leaving and end up rejoining the guild.

Loot Rules Edit

General Rules

Currently the guild utilizes a Need before Greed loot system on dungeons and raids which consist of guild members only. All green (Uncommon) and blue (Rare) items are "Greeded" by default. If a guild member needs the item, they may roll "Need" as long as they plan to equip and use the item.

Epic Items

All purple (Epic) items are immediately passed upon and discussed before action is taken.

This rule applies to both purple Bind-On-Equip items as well as items that become soulbound.

For dungeon runs which include non-guildies, Purple (Epic) items may be needed or greeded.

Raid Rules

During Raids, all loot is typically master-looted and distributed at the end of each fight. Typical raid loot rules dictate that each raid member is allowed one purple (Epic) and one Tier piece (e.g. a Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification) per run. Once the raid member receives one purple (Epic) and one Tier piece, they become ineligible to roll until all raid members have received one purple (Epic) and one Tier piece. In the event that no primary class can use a piece of loot (or the loot is not wanted by those eligible to roll), the loot then becomes available for open rolling to all raid members who can use the loot (regardless of whether they won a piece). In the event that no member wants (and can equip) the item, it will be disenchanted (if an Enchanter is available and it is a bind-on-pickup) and the materials will deposited on the guild bank. Bind-on-Equip items that are not claimed during the raid are deposited in the guild bank and may be purchased from the guild bank by guild members.

Tradeskill patterns are typically awarded to pre-selected guild members who are designated as the guild crafter for a particular profession. In the event the guild crafter already has the pattern, it may be opened to all raid members who can learn the pattern.

For all items a raid member is elegible for, they must "/roll" in order to indicate interest in the item (even if only a single person wants the item).

Failure to pass on purples (Epics) in an all guild run will result in a 100 gold penalty to be paid to the guild bank (200 gold for Officers).

Anyone found "ninjaing" or exploiting these rules can possibly be ejected from the group/raid by the leader and will be spoken with by an officer of the guild. Continued infractions will result in removal from the guild.

Instance/Raid Attendance Edit

Signing up for a raid via the raid signup on the website is the only way to ensure a spot is reserved for a player to attend that event.

This is also treated as a commitment on the player's part. The player is agreeing that they will be present before the event start time and will have all potions, reagents, ammunition, etc. The player is also agreeing to be ready to begin the event at the time scheduled.

If a player is unable to attend an event prior to its start, they are expected to contact the event leader and provide a replacement or notify the event leader so that a replacement can be acquired. If a player is not online at the event start time, it will be assumed that they can not attend and they will be replaced.

With that being said, it's understood behind each World of Warcraft character is a real life person balancing work, family and many other responsibilities and that events can occur in real life that cause you to miss and/or be late to an event. However, if an individual does not commit and abandons their team members on a regular basis, an officer will speak with them.

The final say of all raids falls upon the Raid Leader conducting the run. Raid leaders may exclude characters based on factors such as required raid composition or inappropriate gear as necessary.

Web Site and Application Process Edit

The Council of Shadows web site offers detailed information about the guild policies and player expectations. Before applying to the guild or speaking to one of our officers about joining, it is strongly advised that prospective members visit the Council of Shadows web site. There is zero tolerance for disruptive behavior, griefing, begging, and harassment. Guild chat is out of character. The guild application is located on the guild web site. Once an application is received, an officer will contact the applicant. In the event that an applicant is not contacted in a timely manner, it is recommended that they follow-up with an officer or member (hey... we are all human and can slip up sometimes!).

Web site membership must be approved by an officer and is primarily required in order to post to the forums and sign up for raids. Once a character has joined the guild, they can talk to an officer to have their web site membership approved.

You may contact the following characters in-game for more information about the guild not covered on our site:

  • Annointed IconSmall Human FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes warrior, Guild Leader.
  • Jmes IconSmall Human MaleUi-charactercreate-classes paladin, Officer.
  • Knitelife IconSmall Draenei MaleUi-charactercreate-classes priest, Officer.

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