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General Information Edit

The Core is a casual raiding guild that emphasizes fun and friendship over fast progression. We value our laid-back policies, letting people spec their characters as they wish, and making no minimum raid attendance requirements. We use the in game calendar signup system for our raids, and expect players to follow through according to the sign up of choice. We move at our own pace, and try to enjoy ourselves in the process.

Membership Edit

The roster spans several age groups, but the majority of our members are in their twenties or above, from all over the country. We try to keep things as informal as possible, but we do maintain a "Core Council" of guild officers:

IconSmall Worgen MaleUi-charactercreate-classes druid Dendrum / Sora - Guild Leader

IconSmall NightElf MaleUi-charactercreate-classes druid Iorekk - High Council
IconSmall Draenei FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes paladin Miyukki / Blitzgore - High Council

IconSmall Human FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes mage Avinaya - Officer
IconSmall Human MaleUi-charactercreate-classes warrior Keler - Officer
IconSmall Draenei FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes shaman Weather / Cheslah - Officer
IconSmall Gnome MaleUi-charactercreate-classes mage Lumbo - Officer
IconSmall Worgen FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes hunter Lufthansa - Officer

Raiding Edit

As of March 2011, we are trying to get together a 10-man Blackwing Descent team on Friday nights. We also occasionally schedule journeys into the Obsidian Sanctum and any other raid to hang out and have a good time with friends.

We suspended the use of any formal loot distribution system, we rely on common sense, courtesy, and dice rolls to ensure that loot is distributed fairly.

Progression Edit

(Updated Mar 7, 2011)

(Pre-WotLK raids are run occasionally for achieve / mounts / to see old world content for those who didn't get a chance to see it when it was current.)

Wrath of the Lich King Raids

Naxxramas - Cleared

Obsidian Sanctum - Cleared

Ulduar - Cleared

Trial of the Crusader - Cleared

Ruby Sanctum - Cleared

Icecrown Citadel - Cleared


Baradin Hold - Cleared

Blackwing Descent - Pending

Throne of the Four Winds - Pending

The Bastion of Twilight - Pending

Recruitment Edit

We ARE actively recruiting at this time. Please contact one of the officers mentioned above in game to get more information.