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The Cataclysm Alliance is a new upstart leveling guild and soon to be raiding guild. Founded by some of the most friendly WOW going patrons out there Pixii and Kantoo Husband and wife are the machinama parents we never had, Kantoo the acting guild leader along with pix have been working with many of our friendly active guild members to begin our new raiding team and hope to be up and rolling very soon.

Our guild has a number of friendly and welcoming members and you can expect nothing but open arms and a friendly /wave with any encouters you might have with anyone happily flying the guild tabbard.

The Guild has a full Guild bank, and tabard as stated above, and we are always welcoming in new members, we encourage family and friends to join as well. Many of us are always happy to help when ever possible and welcome any new guildies that are looking for a friendly casual and soon to be causal raiding team.

Any enquiries should talk to my self "Danyhiyo" or any of our other members as can be found on the armoury :)

Main FocusEdit

  • Casual Raiding group
  • Leveling and Questing help
  • Friendly Cohesive community
  • Guild specialisation with the coming of Cataclysm