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Information Edit

'eres th' gang on a hikin' trip t' th' top o' Khaz Modan.

Guild: The Boomstick Gang

Realm: Feathermoon

Founder: Mugrir Runehammer

Boss: Homrend Gearspinner

Boss: (retired) Ultang Forkenale

History Edit

One night, as people for fame, fortune, and goodwill had just begun to travel Azeroth, a stalwart group of dwarves, (and one elf,) sat down in a tavern, and held aloft their mugs in a mix of excitement, accomplishment, and determination.

Mugrir, Fenria, Fandri, Anvil, Ryyn and Celleric tipped back their drinks in a toast, then raised their voices together in the first rallying cry of "Boomsticks Thunder ON!"

Much has happened since that day. Of those founding souls, more than half are believed to dwell among the dead. And yet their spirits live on in the creed they made that night: Live like a dwarf. And that is what the Boomsticks have done from that time: They founded the first weekly tavern in Azeroth, trained up some of the finest riflemen seen since the last wars, and have stood stalwartly together, through trials and through celebrations, always for the honor of friends and family.

(This is just the start. Past and current Boomsticks, please feel free to add to and revise, so the history gets filled out. I'm sure you all know Reeza, Skalagrim, and many others who's tales need to be recorded before this can be seen as complete!)

Current Members Edit

In accordance with the WoWWiki: Policy, the guild member listing has been removed.

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Comments Edit

"Boomsticks Thunder ON!" - Warcry of the Boomsticks

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