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The Bloodguard is a Moderate Role Playing Guild on the Horde side of the Scryers. With a number of 85's in the 'Guard, they are looking forward to digging into Cataclysm Endgame content in the form of a guild Rated Battleground team, as well as several guild Arena teams. When the guild has more members, Raid content will hopefully be explored as well.

The Bloodguard was created on The Scryers in July of 2008, and was initially a casual leveling guild. It is now aimed mostly at Roleplaying, with some interest in raids. They accept anyone interested in Roleplaying, but an RP appropriate name is stressed. For more information you can contact Gethndran, Estellus, Dyne, Nymuel, or Arcturo in game.

Raids Edit

  • The Bloodguard currently does not raid. If sufficient players are recruited, a raid team may be started, but it will always take a backseat to Role-Playing.

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by Sennia. She is the only member remaining from the founders. It was originally formed as a casual/leveling guild and grew to over a hundred members. Eventually, Sennia decided to convert The Bloodguard to a full RP guild, and lost most of the members over the course of a few weeks. While the guild has never regained it's former size, it is steadily growing again, and RP can almost always be found among it's members. Recruiting has been stepped up during Cataclysm.

RP Backstory Edit

The Bloodguard was formed by Ranger-Captain Sennia after the invasion of Prince Arthas and the Scourge. The guild is devoted to defending glorious Quel'Thalas from any disaster of the such ever shattering its tranquil glades again. As an extension, once the Sin'Dorei joined the Horde, that protection was extended over all the lands of the Horde.

Guild Rules Edit

  • Name should be RP appropriate.
  • Members must be tolerant of other members. Not all of us are Pro Role Players.
  • Guild Chat is In-Character only, and the Guild has it's own Out of Character channel.
  • There are some moderately strict requirements for promotion within the guild, such as required registration on the Guild Website, and everyone over a certain rank must have an Authenticator.
  • All promotion is on a strictly Role-playing basis, beyond those requirements. Some requirements are role-playing requirements that must be met in-character.

Officers Edit

Sennia, Captain 
Founder of the Bloodguard, currently Missing In Action, Presumed Dead.
Gethndran, Captain 
Commander of the Bloodguard.
Nymuel, Lieutenant 
One of the seconds in command, the former C.O. of the Sunstrider Bloodguard.
Estellus, Weaponmaster 
The Weaponmaster of the Bloodguard, he is responsible for making sure everyone knows how to use their abilities to the fullest. ((RP position, based around RP combat.))

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