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The Blood Alliance is primarily a PvE, Dungeon and Dungeon Guild formed by Anderz during Wraith of the Lich King and is currently level 2 (with 45% exp).


The members of The Blood Alliance are all members of the Alliance who've strived to protect Azeroth from all invaders, foreign and domestic. When the Horde invaded, a group of warriors came together to help fight them back and have been waging war against Thrall and Garrosh. This is not to say that members of The Blood Alliance show only hate towards members of the opposing factions, they've at times shown great compassion and even a desire to help those oppressed by Thralls reign of terror.

To this day, members seek to bring down Thrall and free both Alliance and Horde who have suffered under his leadership.


The Blood Alliance is a Guild in the Blackwater Raiders US server. It is intended as a Player Friendly Guild, allowing new players in, where as others may not. The Guild does Dungeons, Raids and PvE with its members, as well as assisting newcomers with quests. The Guild has no level requirement, therefore allowing all Alliance races and classes to join.


To gain membership, one must be friendly and helpful, as well as fun and engaging. If interested in joining, simply message Anderz or Delalith.