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The Bad and the Ugly is a casual PvE guild looking to progress without the obnoxiousness of our competiton. We are not built to be the first guild to clear content, but we are built to clear it all before Blizz creates the next great challenge. We dabble in PvP, but our main focus is on gearing up through Raiding. It is our belief that this a game meant to bring enjoyment, not something that becomes a chore.

This guild was formed on Darrowmere. It is dedicated towards end game instances, and we only instituted a formal recruitment policy to weed out those people who are only out to take what they can from the guild and move on. To fill out an application goto and click on the Apply link. For more information you can contact Raxes, Garliya, or Saheara in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by Raxes, Garliya & Saheara and a group of friends mainly from the now defunct Regulators. After growing to a considerable size they started attempting T4 & T5 content. As the WOTLK expansion loomed, the learning curve was steep and the guild was on the verge of T6 content when the bar was upped and Northrend beckoned. Within days they had their first members dinging 80 and the guild found itself in a bit of a bind with many of their core raiders prefering to enjoy content rather then racing though. At this point many of the "faster" levelers left the guild to try to latch on to more progressive guilds. However, The Bad and the Ugly were able to regain some of them and add to their ranks with others and by the first of the year were back on track with a full head of steam.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

  • We don't have a lot of rules, but we do expect those that we have to be observed by our members
  • Rule #1 Don't be a douche
    • Rule #1a If you don't understand rule #1 you are probably breaking it
  • Rule #2 If you sign up for a raid, show up on time, repaired and prepared to stay for the duration
  • Rule #3 Be a team player. We are all part of the same unit, if you can't understand that you should probably look for another guild
    • In other words refer to rule #1 when interacting with your guildmates
  • Have fun or find a new hobby

Officers Edit

Raxes, Ugliest 
Guild leader. Contact for additional information regarding the guild.
Saheara, Uglier 
Treasurer. Manages the guild bank, pairs up crafters with people who need their services and decides who gets approved for loans.
Manbullpig, Uglier 
Loot Master. Talk to him if you have any questions about gear, or how our guild distributes it.
Yotankaa, Bashara, Bobodaklown, Uglier 
Raid Leaders. Speak to any one of these guys for issues regarding raids.
Naazlog, Uglier 
Publicist. Putting out a good face for our guild via forums, websites, etc.
Please, Uglier 
Battle Master. If you want to know anything about PvP, or need an arena team, please talk to Please.

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