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Thanedorei is primarily a PvE guild. Current contacts for the guild are Canga, Marvell, Mikros, and Davulf.

Guild Progression Edit

none yet, new guild

Recruiting: Yes (limited)
Guild Members: 30 (approx.)
Looting Policy: non-DKP

Recruitment Policy Edit

We are actively looking for adults with characters of all levels looking for a casual guild. Most of us know each other outside World of Warcraft, but we've made many new friends while in-game.

RAID/Instances Edit

We regularly run 5-man instances, and are running Deadmines both modes for now.

Raiding Edit

Raiding nights are any from 8:30PM until roughly 11:30PM server time (CST) The following are required while raiding with us:

  • Ventrilo (no microphone is necessary but you must be able to hear)

Guild Guidelines Edit

  • Be nice, play the game to have fun.
  • Players are on a first name basis with all members in the guild.
  • We currently roll according to old need/greed guidelines. We are generous, rerun dungeons for members, and expect common sense.

Guild Leadership Edit

Canga, Guild Leader
Marvell, Officer
Mikros, Officer
Davulf, Officer
Kordred, Officer

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