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General InformationEdit

A guild started by the character named Ender, located on the Windrunner server of World of Warcraft (US realms). The guild is based upon a casual friendly attitude toward the game and one another. While the guild operates as a casual guild, the raids are considered to be at a hardcore level and a wide range of ranking within the guild accounts for the various style of play. The ranking system allows for friends and family to join in on the guild for daily adventures and goes all the way up to a hardcore raid attender rank.

Guild Ranks
King - Leader
Baron - Co Guild Leaders
Lord - Officers
Templar - Hardcore Raiders
Knight - Semi Hardcore Raiders
Soldier - Casual Players
Squire - Alts
Conscript - New Members
TOTC Family - Real life friends/family of current members

Guild leaders Edit

Ender(King-Guild Master)

Cyria(Baron-co Guild Leader)

Class leaders Edit

Class leaders have a direct link to the guild leaders, use one of these people if you need to speak with a TOTC leader.

Direfrost (Mage)

Darkruler (Hunter)

Dropkick (Rogue)

Hochopepa (Priest)

Laice (Warrior)

Phearless (Paladin)

Settoh (Warlock)

Maelgwyn (Druid)

Progression Edit

Web Page Edit[1]

Recruitment: Templars Of The Cross is not recruiting any classes, but don't be afraid to put up an application on the forums. If you think you can have the skill for BWL, AQ 40 and Naxx and can fit our schedule please fill out an application. People with exceptional gear and skill will be discussed by the leaders and possibly given a chance to prove why they would be beneficial to the guild.

The recruitment guild is Peons of the Cross, led by Korith and Grapejelly.

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