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Tempest is an alliance guild on the Scarlet Crusade server. We are dedicated to end-game raiding in a drama-free environment. We have an alliance with MeleeStorm for our 25 man raids, and we even team up for periodic Zul'Aman/Karazhan runs throughout the week.

If you’d like to join our guild, please fill out an application and post it in our applications forum. Recruitment is currently open for select classes.

Raid timesEdit

Tuesday-7pm to 10:30pm
Wednesday-7pm to 10:30pm
Thursday-7pm to 10:30pm
Sunday - 5pm to 10:00pm

Boss killsEdit

Gruul's LairEdit

Gruul by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Gruul - Unworthy? Hah!

Magtheridon's LairEdit

Magtheridon by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Magtheridon - Oh yes! Once again! Once again!

Serpentshrine CavernEdit

Hydross by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Hydross - Purged from SSC

Lurker by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Lurker - Call Me Ishmael

Tidewalker by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Tidewalker - Murlocs? What murlocs?

Kathress by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Kathress - We Killed them! We're Better for it!

Leotheras by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Leotheras - We all have our demons....but we're okay with it

Tempest KeepEdit

A'lar by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

A'lar - Surprisingly She Doesn't Taste Like Chicken! It's a Flaming Kiwi!

Void Reaver by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Void Reaver - Null and Void

Solarian by Tempest (Scarlet Crusade US)

Solarian - We Crushed Her Delusions of Grandeur! (so who's bringing the ruffies next week?)