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Server: Anub'Arak
Faction: Horde
Type: Family Guild


Tears For Gears is a casual guild on the Anub'Arak realm. Founded by Porcelina and Grimsheeper, a couple that grew tired of the 40 man end game raids on a PvE server and decided that the Burning Crusade Expansion was a perfect opportunity to reroll Horde on a PvP server.


Tears For Gears aims to create a TEAM of people that plays well together, has fun, focuses on the task at hand, where everyone can speak their mind, but without all the extra stuff that makes it seem like a job. In a way, we're kind of a guild for people who don't like guilds.


Tears For Gears is unique in that it lacks officers by title. To lead a raid makes you a raid leader and to guide someone on their class makes you a class "officer". The standard is that when someone wants to take up a responsibility, they do so without the reward of officership.


While raiding is a goal of many members of Tears For Gears, it is often in conflict with the extremely casual nature of the guild. Helping organize guild events is often met with praise and support. Generally, Tears For Gears does not maintain a regular raid schedule, though it has in the past.


Tears For Gears has one rule: Don't be a dick, remembered easily as DBAD.

Application & InformationEdit

For more information contact, in-game, Gensai, Porcelina, or Grimsheeper.


Thinking About Applying?

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