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Team Rocket is a casual PvP guild with a few members and a lot of good times. We enjoy long walks on the beach and the sweet sound of Barry White. This guild was formed on Rivendare. For more information you can contact Raticate, Marrowak, Bandacop in game.

Guild progress Edit

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by Raticate and Marrowak in an attempt to keep in touch with other Cordovans. After growing to a considerable size they started attempting Naxxramas. The raid went amazingly well except that Kenny stole my tank sword. The end.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Guild rules Edit

  • Don't QQ. This will result in an instant peraban.
  • Don't annoy people.
    • Pay special attention to the guild leader. If you pull GM agro you will loose 50 dkp for not knowing what the fuck your doing.
  • Don't beg. If you want help, ask. If no one helps, don't push it. We probably don't like you.
  • Don't ninja the guild bank. Take what you need, it's there to help you, but leave some for others.
  • Try to be here for raids. Schedules don't always work out but don't ditch.
  • Hate the Alliance. If you see an alli attack immediately without warning. Any sympathy will result in a permaban.
  • We use a DKP system for loot.

Officers Edit

Raticate, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. Contact about guildie problems or concerns.
Marrowak, Lieutenant 
In charge of raids. Contact if you have a question about the schedule.
Bandacop, Lieutenant 
Basically the same roles as the other officers. Probably nicer that Raticate.
Halvor, Lieutenant 
Sum n00b.

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