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Overview Edit

Guild Charter Edit

Mission Statement Edit

Team Four is an Alliance Faction guild, on the Garona server in the World of Warcraft. While the guild is made up of varying individuals both in terms of real life back grounds and MMO experience, we all share the same enjoyment of WoW and the goals of conquering the challenges put forth in the game. We do not consider ourselves to be "hardcore", but do expect people to have fun while taking a degree of seriousness towards raiding.

The overall goal is to be able to maintain full raids during our raiding schedule while developing teamwork and friendship amongst the members of the guild.

Membership Edit

  1. All members must be at least 18 years of age. This is a mature guild after all, and we would prefer not to be accused of corrupting any impressionable minors.
  2. All members must respect the differences of others. Bigots in any form are not tolerated in the least and are not welcome in the guild. Any members who demonstrate prejudice towards a minority (race, spiritual path, sexual orientation, etc.) will likely be removed from membership post haste.
  3. All individuals seeking membership into Team Four must register on our website and also post in the membership request forum (thus filling out an application - keep reading).

Potential members should first check our Recruitment Forum to see if their class is currently in demand. While your class may not be a current need, feel free to apply anyway. Potential members are required to fill out an application, which can be found in our Application Post (Link included on page). Upon completing an application, it will be reviewed by the class officer(s) for that class and you will be contacted in game for an interview or notification that your app has been turned down.

  • Please take note: Filling out an application does not guarantee you an invite to the guild or to a raid with us and that harassing members of the guild for said invites will result in your app being instantly rejected and removed from the site.

Member expectations:

  • Members are expected to know their roles within guild raids and execute their role as required. We don't expect you to be perfect, just capable.
  • Offer help when you can to those in the guild that need it. We realize you can't help 100% and you are not expected to. But if you are sitting on your duff in Shattrath doing nothing and someone needs help, offer a hand if possible.
  • Attendance - raid attendance is not required but is appreciated. We cannot continue to improve as one of the top guilds on the server if we are short on people or people are unwilling to come to a raid because it bores them or they think won't get loot. Others in the raid may not have been as lucky in drops and still want/need items from an instance. Help your guildies out and attend the raids. If you are online at raid time please try to be on your main at least 15 minutes before raid time. If the raid says it is starting at 8:00pm then invites will start 15 minutes before that. Even if it looks like things may be full, please try to be in the area, even though you may not receive an initial invite, spots generally become available as the night goes on.
  • If you cannot attend an event or are going to be gone for a long period of time, please notify your class officer or post a message in the AFK area of the Guild forum.
  • Members will NOT raid (10 & 25 man) with other guilds or friends without express written consent from a General of Team Four. Doing so will result in immediate removal from the guild. We expect our raiders to be available when called upon for guild functions.

Guild Rules Edit

The Guild rules are pretty straight forward:

  • Use common sense. If it isn't how you would act in real life it probably isn't how you should act in game or on Ventrilo.
  • Ventrilo: For the most part this guild is over 18 in age. With that said, try to keep the crudeness on Ventrilo to a minimum until at least 10pm server time.
  • Please try and keep raid channel and Ventrilo chatter to a minimum, particularly when we are learning a new instance. Raids that we have down to a more lax farm status means we can increase the screw off level to a degree but it is expected that when we engage Boss Mobs that folks are paying attention.
  • When out in the "non instance world" please refrain from spamming the general channels. When in a raid do not use General Chat. We have better things to focus on than Chuck Norris and people's obsession with "wang".
  • Absolutely no begging. If we receive complaints that you are begging from other players in WoW you may be demoted or removed from the guild.
  • Whining. Whining is not tolerated. If you don't realize you are whining and someone asks you to stop please do so. Chronic complaints coming into the Officers about whining will lead to demotion or removal from the guild.
  • HAVE FUN! Regardless of what you are doing in game, it should be fun first. If life is getting in the way and you need a break, then take one (just let us know first please). If people in the guild are causing you issues then talk to an officer. It is just a game in the end folks and not worth developing an ulcer over.

Team Four Guild Hierarchy and Promotion Criteria Edit

  • Guild Leaders/Generals: General’s are the Guild Master’s of the WoW Division of Team Four. They are Psycko/Taxitimebomb/Eraagon; Reaper/Highway/Doomas; and Travpiety (to include just about any toon with the name “Trav” in it).
  • Officer: Full-time members of the guild. Officers show up for and attend the majority of guild raids. Officers have access to the guild bank items (when appropriate). Officers are charged with settling class disputes, class recruitment, raid invites and input into the Progression and Operation of the Guild during Officer Meetings. Officers are also who you should come to if you are having issues with people from other guilds. Please do not hesitate to speak to an Officer if you are having issues of any kind.
  • Member: A Member is just that, a member of Team Four. Members will have the following ranks starting with the lowest to the highest: PFC (Private First Class); LCpl (Lance Corporal); Cpl (Corporal); Sgt (Sergeant); SSgt (Staff Sergeant); GySgt (Gunnery Sergeant); Master Sergeant (MSgt); Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt); and SgtMaj (Sergeant Major, the most senior enlisted person on the roster).
  • Recruit: Person has applied to the guild as a potential Member and is on probation. This typically lasts for 30 days. Recruits are not eligible for loot within this period unless the loot in question does not receive interest from established Members within the guild. Recruits can have their status terminated or promoted at any time after the trial period by their class officer or the guild masters.

Additional Rules for Team Four Edit


  • Members who are absent for 30 days will be demoted to the next lower rank. If another 30 days has gone by and you haven't been seen then you will be removed from the guild. Recruits who are absent for 30 days will be removed from the guild.
  • Members who consistently miss raiding days after signing up on GEM will be demoted to the next lower rank. Exceptions will be made for short term leave (vacation to The Republic of Texas for 2 weeks, Hospital 3 weeks etc.). However long term exceptions will not be made other than active duty military. In order to avoid overpopulating we can only have so many members, if we need to recruit more of one class it is unfair to recruits to be sitting out when a casual member decides to show up.

Removal from the Guild:

Removal from the Guild can occur for a variety of reasons, please note this list is not exhaustive:

  • Demotion reaches the point where removal is warranted
  • Continued harassment of guild members or other people in WoW whether via tells, PMs on the message board or Ventrilo.
  • Applications to another guild while a full-time member of Team Four. Save us all the time and just leave if you don't want to be here.
  • Constantly complaining about "person Y got loot but I didn't". We want folks to have fun and work towards the advancement of the Guild and not your personal collection of purple.
  • Continually leaving raids without notification or going AFK for long periods of time during raids on a constant basis.

Leaving the Guild:

Sometimes folks get frustrated and in a fit of insanity leave a guild. Usually they come to their senses after the fact and want back in. We are all for inviting you back in after episodes like this. However, if you leave the guild a second time in such a fashion it is painfully obvious that either we aren't the guild for you or you aren't the type of person for this guild. Either way you will not receive and invite back into the guild and we wish you luck where ever you land.

Last Pointers:

  • Help in this guild is freely given. We do not sell equipment, bags, mats, or services to each other. If you must sell an item, do it on the Auction House or in the Trade channels. The only exception to this rule is if there is a cost in acquiring the items for those who need help, such as buying mats for enchantments. Then it's reasonable to ask that they help with the cost.
  • There will be no reselling of items or services that have been given to a member by the bank or another member, unless you have made arrangements with the person providing the item or services! At no time will someone sell something on the Auction House that they have received from the bank or another member. If you decided not to use it then send it back!
  • Guild notes for each character should contain information such as "Main" if it's a main character, "Alt of: " if it's an alt, and the character's main trade skills.
  • No spamming for items or help in guild chat. Asking a few times is fine.
  • Be active in the forums. This is where the true directions of the guild are decided. Speak your mind. Please make it a point to check them at least every 2 weeks.

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