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Horde 32 The Dirty HordesEdit


The Dirty Hordes is a relaxed (casual) Horde guild on the PVE Area 52 server with no class, race, role-playing, or level requirements. TDH strives to create a friendly, laid-back environment where people who just want to have fun can hang out together, help each other, chat with each other, and go on quests and raid together.

The Dirty Hordes site is

Guild HistoryEdit

The Dirty Hordes is a new guild (new server, you see) built from a core of old friends. Many of their members were former members, officers, and even guild leaders of Iron Clad Gathering. Briefly, in the fall of 2006, TDH existed on Gilneas as "Ill Tempered Steel". When free transfers opened to Area 52 in January of 2007, the guild voted to move as a group. Once on Area 52, it was reformed under the name "The Dirty Hordes".

What TDH is aboutEdit

According to the website: The Dirty Hordes is about being casual, but exceptional. We expect our members to grow into being masters of their class, being able to excel in any circumstances. We are also dedicated to enjoying all Warcraft has to offer:

  • 5 mans (especially in heroic mode)
  • Raiding content (now 25 man sized!)
  • PVP - including Battlegrounds and Arena


From the guild website:

  • Initiate - this rank is what you start out at. The only limitation being an initiate brings is that you cannot request things from the guild bank.
  • Member - This is the rank most guild members are. Be proud, be dirty, be Horde!
  • Class Leader - These folks are proven masters of the class they're leader of. They are also basically officers of the guild. Any Class Leader alts are marked with a rank of CL Alt.
  • Guild Leader - King, Queen, The Big Cheese. But not one of those squishy stinky cheeses.

Guild LeaderEdit

Rihlsul is currently the sole leader, relying on feedback from his members and Class Leaders.

Class LeadersEdit

Class leaders are the officers of the guild.


Most guild members fall into this rank.


Initiates are in 'test drive mode' - a period of approximately 2 to 4 weeks to acclimate and qualify for membership.

Joining The Dirty HordesEdit

In order to stay a tight and focused group, The Dirty Hordes has a membership cap and controls its growth. Invitations are only open every so often, which can be reviewed on the website.

Guild TechnologyEdit

The Dirty Hordes utilizes a variety of technology to help achieve its goals.


The forums are a modified installation of phpBB.


One of the jewels of TDH's Technology Stack is the TDH Roster, which uses WoWRoster. From the WoWRoster page:

WoWRoster is a profiler which displays and stores data gathered from WoW through the use of WoW addons (rpgo-CharacterProfiler, rpgo-GuildProfiler, and PvPLog). WoWRoster then organizes all of the data, provides a suite of presentations for the gathered data, and houses a base for addons to access and manipulate roster data, displays addon links in the Roster menu, and presents output to users in a web accessible interface

Guild Event ManagerEdit

Guild Event Manager is Warcraft Add-on that helps manage events in-game. From the GEM page:

This AddOn allows you to create/schedule/manage future raid instance directly in-game. Players can register (join) and reserve a room for your instance, or cancel subscription. You can setup a maximum players for your event, as well as the min/max per class. When a player wants to join and there is no room left for his class, he is put in a *substitute* queue, waiting for someone to cancel his subscription. The leader of an event does not have to be logged in for a player to subscribe.


The Dirty Hordes uses Ventrilo heavily for most guild activities, from raiding, to pvp and even for partying!

Random neat thingsEdit

Due to some enterprising members, one may see cars IRL with bumper stickers of the guild:

TDH bumper sticker

A bumper sticker from the guild, approx 4x3 inches.

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