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Alliance 32 Synergy Alliance 32Edit

Synergy was formed on 2nd August 2007 by a group of raiders who, having mastered Karazhan, were eager for greater end-game challenges. Now led by Shamaldo, Darrvin, Lexar, Rythorn and Integral, Synergy was created specifically to progress through the end-game content on the Dragonblight (EU) server.

We consider ourselves a serious raiding guild. While we do not raid every night of the week, or every hour of the day, when we do raid every member gives 100%. Founded on the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Synergy is about collective progression and achievement.

Overview Edit

Progress Edit

Instances Edit

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Pre-TBC Raiding Edit

Officers Edit

  • Guild Master: Shamaldo [3]
  • Officers: Lexar [4], Darrvin [5], Rythorn [6], Integral [7]

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