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Alliance 32 Server:Lightninghoof US

About Symphony of Blades Edit

Symphony of Blades started out as a small guild for role-players in December of 2005. It has slowly evolved into a large PVE raiding guild. Most of its Veteran and Officer members have become good friends, as quite a few have been in the guild for a long time. The overall feel of this guild is fairly laid-back, however, they do have a fair share of rules and expectations.

Due to its selective recruiting procedures, it has grown slowly, but effectively. Typically, it only recruits high level members or players who have made a good impression. Maturity and generosity is a must, as teamwork is this guild's ultimate goal. Good humor is always in high demand!

Symphony of Blades is one of the most unique guilds on the server because it is not only a hardcore raiding guild but a casual one. SoB is about having fun and still progressing as a guild. This guild has created some of the best (looking and skilled) players, most of the thanks going to Vayn (Brett Langford) The one man, legend incarnate, for conquering the internet and becoming King of the Southern Hemisphere in the span of a Tuesday (server down). With that said, we will pay tribute to this great man with our insignificant thoughts and time before this bit is deleted from the face of the internet as he continues conquering the world, one Wal Mart at a time.