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Sushi Syndicate is a cross-realm guild providing a mixture of play-styles. The guild can therefore best be described as a casual guild. Noticeable guild aspects is friendly behavior, helping hands towards others even outside the guild, patience to accomplish goals and a very personal relaxed atmosphere in guild-chat. More information can be found on their website [1]

History Edit

Sushi Syndicate is originally founded by Sushisusan on September 15, 2010. The guild was based on Mazrigos EU (Alliance, PvE) but is now also present on Blade's Edge EU (Horde, PvE) and Emeriss EU (Alliance, PvP). Right after the founding date a group of personal friends became the core group of the guild, being daily active, up to the present day.

Footprint Edit

Sushi Syndicate is known for their goal to create a healthy, friendly and fun environment. Besides striving for this within the guild, they also contribute to the realms they are active on. This can be seen from the social networks they maintain within the game, resulting in joined ventures like raiding with other guilds and a healthy social atmosphere overall.

Another effort from Sushi Syndicate is the Mazrigos Community which is message board that is open to any player on the Mazrigos EU realm. Originally founded by the guild, the board not considered to be part of the guild itself at all, but rather a "neutral" initiative for all of the community. This is underlined by a varied range of participants using it, and volunteers maintaining it.

Guild name Edit

The name originated from the love for Sushi by founder Sushisusan, originally born in Japan. "Syndicate" was added to emphasis the naturally structured aspect of the guild, it's being "lead" by a group of loyal players that joined from the very beginning. Yet, leaves room for different views and wishes by any member. A "syndicate" is a self-organizing group of individuals.

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