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Information Edit

What is a Surprise Pull?

Generally a body pull done by Iammoo when he’s not paying attention, resulting in most of the instance being drawn to the group. “Why am I in combat?” is a common statement made during these pulls.

Who to contact

  • Guild Leaders: Discord, Mythie
  • Officers: Kachyng, Captholy

About the Guild Edit

Surprise Pull was started by Discord, Tavin, and Iammoo, and Thenewwrenis as a way for friends to play together while still being able to progress and see TBC content. The small guild brought on enough friends on the realm to start working on Karazhan. Surprise Pull continued to grow until they had 3 Karazhan groups running and jumped into 25-player content. Their goal is to see all raid content.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Surprise Pull raids Saturday 6pm - 10pm and Monday 8pm realm time to 10:00pm realm time.

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