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Overview Edit

Sunraider Rangers is probbably the first blood elf exclusive guild in Ragnaros. It's a leveling guild PvP oriented, but some PvE is made too by its members.


After Arthas invaded the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, the surviving members of the Sunraider family led by Annberiel Sunraider created a new group of independent rangers called the Sunraider Rangers. Its goal is to reunite all the scattered blood elves in an army capable to restore their kingdom to its past magnificence. All blood elf soldiers and rangers are welcome in this new organization.

Guild PoliciesEdit

The membership is open to any blood elf player and its by invite only. Ask for an invitation to Orderine or Annberiel Sunraider.

The official tabard is the Silvermoon City Tabard but the Guild Tabard is also used while certain events.

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