This article is a guild information page for SunGoldOrion of Lightbringer Europe.

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SunGoldOrion is a casual raiding guild with a growing group of members. We are actively expanding guild to recruit to enable all Guild raid runs.

This guild was formed on Lightbringer. It is aimed at being a fun guild, actively seeking participation from guild members on the helping the guild move forward and even more fun for all its members. To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact Tricaiz, Thorofazgard, Ardri in game.

History Edit

This guild was originaly formed by Tricaiz, Thorofazgard and a group of friends. After growing to 25+ members, we decided to change the direction of the guild slightly from a pure leveling Guild to a mix of Leveling, PVP/BG/Raiding.

Guild rules Edit

  • Be kind to your fellow guild members, treat them as you would wish to be treated.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy on begging. Do not beg for boosts, gold or gear in guild or on any of the public channels.
  • Please see the website for a full set of policies.
  • We use a EPGP system for loot.

Officers Edit

This list is gives the original and current officers within our guild.

Tricaiz, Guildmaster 
Guild leader. General Contact for adminship, web/IT manager and general bad joke man for the Guild.
Thorofazgard, Officer 
Pretender to the thrown, membership control. Tends to break the wiki and websites by editing and blames it on Tricaiz.
Ardri, Officer 
Master extraordinaire, membership control and able t0 drink you under the table, when will he roll that Dwarf.

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