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'"Sub Rosa'" is going on it's fourth year as an RP guild on the Blackwater Raiders server. It has maintained a balanced setting for those who wish to RP/ PvP/ PvE, yet it's main focus is on the RP aspect of the game, challenging its members to 'take back' the Blackwater Raiders server as a place for RP, seeing a need to reform an RP environment after an increase in RP griefers. The guild is always accepting applications, and recruits can apply on the website listed below. Sub Rosa can be an adult guild with adult themed content both IC and OOC.

Guild HistoryEdit

Tucked deep in the woods of an unknown location, Xariel and her subordinates reside in a compound large enough to house a small army. Among the founding members and associates are the reclusive dark mage Kaeion and her close and dear friends Silva, Ziilyn and Frok. Their specialty: Espionage and assassination.

Today, the influence of Sub Rosa is felt not only in Silvermoon City, but throughout the entire reach of the Horde. Those whom have departed have not been heard from since, and the ranks grow stronger and stronger. Xariel's trusted council has grown to include the cunning troll hunter Besjin, the stalwart protector Senaron, the beautiful and intelligent Elleanore, the brute Holy warrior Savastian, and the timid but just priestess Iya.

Hired by outside interest or in order to advance their own, they work undeterred for the highest bidder, regardless of sides. The actions of this group have helped to bring down some of the biggest names and guilds of their time. With their hands in almost everything, they admit to nothing and rule Silvermoon City with an iron, yet invisible fist. No one dares mess with Sub Rosa without suffering dire consequences. Some consider them to be criminals, others thugs, but while their methods can demonstrate brutality at its finest, their disposition shows a sense of style and class.

The NineEdit

The Nine are elite organization of nine deathknights tasked with the duty of guarding Mistress Xariel and following out her tasks. The Nine's leader, the necromancer Kaeion (Xero), formed this elite group several months after the scourge invasion and the Battle at Lights Hope chapel. Any are welcome to apply for a spot among the Nine, but must defeat another member of the Nine in order to do so. Commonly, Kaeion can be found at Xariel's side, letting other members of the group dispatch of those enemies who qualify for their unique brand of justice.



Sub Rosa's cinematography program is still a work in progress. But here are some examples of a few of the videos taken.


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