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This article is a guild information page for Stronghold of Araethar of Moon Guard US.

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The Stronghold of Araethar is a Medium-Heavy RP guild focusing around the military propsect of -all- races contributing towards the Alliance Goal. The Guild primarly consists of old Ex-Ninth Regiment (Crusaders of Wrynn) Corps and Ex-Gauntlet Members. Some such characters as Admiral Ranets Daggerfang, Caelor Baransu and Medris Featherwing, all Ex-Ninth Regimental Corps. Some of the Gauntlet's past members include Marshal Lareanei and others.

This guild was formed on Moon Guard by Tel Oran (Telvo) and Ranets Daggerfang as well as two others (Info collecting). It was formed early June with strong ideals and a passion for the Alliance.


As said before, a good portion of the opulation is Ex-Ninth Regiment. Many of these soldiers act as officers to the guild. What the Stronghold prizes is it's diversity with it's members.

Such examples is the large percentage of Australian Guildies.

or more information you can contactGuildLeaderGuildOfficer1GuildOfficer2 in game.

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