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Storm Wölves is a Horde guild on the RP server Server:Scarlet Crusade US. It was first founded in January, 2005 (as "Storm Wolves") by Volk, disbanded in July of that year in favor of three smaller guilds (Onslaught, Soul Ancient and Last Dawn), and re-founded by Volk on January 4, 2006 as the Storm Wölves.

Volk remained as its founder and guild leader until September 21, 2008 when he left the server and Aglin became acting guild leader. Aglin was installed as the Wölves' official guild leader on September 30, 2008 after a guild vote. At Cataclysm, the guild is led by Agrata Four-Killer, a Shattered Hand orc chosen by Aglin to watch over the guild while she journeys with Thrall (Aglin and Agrata are played by the same player so no out-of-character leadership transfer has occurred; Agrata's tenure may be temporary, depending on the guild's will). The Horde-factioned Storm Wölves are no longer directly affiliated with a guild on the Alliance side of Server:Kirin Tor US server also named Storm Wolves, though both were founded by the same player.

Scarlet Crusade's Storm Wölves is an active, medium-to-heavy RP guild. With a history extending back even before the beginning of World of Warcraft, the Wölves offer a place to immerse in the rich roleplaying experience WoW offers while still being able to enjoy PvP, endgame raiding content and the friendship and social engagement of a large guild (125+ accounts) with mature, diverse players from all over the world. The Wölves sponsor guild and server RP and raiding events, engage in alliances and events with other RP guilds, and maintain an active guild website (see external links) with discussion, game strategies, lore, social interaction and character stories and art.

Storm Wölves was first seen by WoW Census([1]) on January 13th, 2006.

It was the 20th guild on Scarlet Crusade (10th in the Horde) to down Yogg-Saron in 10-man Ulduar raid content and did so on September 10th, 2009, in a fully in-character (RP) run. The guild defeated Arthas Menethil the Lich King in November 2010, also fully in-character. The Wölves do not consider raiding and RP content to be mutually exclusive and the guild remains competitive in 10-man raiding progression on the server despite being RP-oriented rather than raid-oriented in nature.

Storm Wölves will resume recruiting after Cataclysm release; membership information can be gained on the guild website with an in-character request in the Blackwolf Keep section of the public forums.

Information Edit

Description Edit

Storm Wölves is a friendly, large role-playing guild whose 200+ members quest, PvP, go to arenas and raid together in addition to their constant interaction in character. As a military company with deep loyalty for and ties to Thrall and the Frostwolf Clan, much of the Storm Wölves' story contains Orc culture, even though the guild welcomes members of any races and its leader, the Stormcaller Aglin , is not an orc herself. Guild channel, /say and all other "public" forms of speech are in character at all times. Party, raid and whisper channels may also be in character as each individual requires or a group decides. The guild welcomes mature players interested in full-time RP alongside their gaming experience, and roleplayers of all races and experience level are welcome. Members enjoy RP and will interact with those who RP with them at any level of expertise; RP beginners are always welcome to apply. For those things in the game that do not lend themselves to in-character interaction the guild provides an OOC channel, and engages in various activities with other RP guilds on the server, both Horde and Alliance factioned, for world events and day-to-day amusement.

Ash and Fang: The Storm Wölves Mission (IC)Edit

In character, the Storm Wölves clan was created by the Great Khan Volk to assist the new Warchief, Thrall, in his work to unite the New Horde and establish a Horde presence in Kalimdor. They act as his private army, doing whatever it takes to keep the Horde safe and sound. In recent times the Wölves have deployed to the orcish homeland Draenor to fight the Burning Legion and to Northrend to fight the Alliance, the Lich King and the forces of the Blue Dragon Aspect Malygos. Redeemed Death Knights have been admitted to the clan's ranks at the Blackwolf Keep in Orgrimmar, and the Wölves continue to press on in their work for Horde, Warchief and clan. At the Shattering, Agrata Four-killer, a Shattered Hand orc of Draenor, was installed as Dire Wolf to watch over the clan and act as liaison to the new Warchief Garrosh Hellscream in the absence of Aglin, who deployed to Nagrand to join Thrall at the Throne of the Elements and has not been heard from since.

Until Ash: Being a Member of the Pack (OOC) Edit

Out of character, the unofficial motto of the Storm Wölves is "real life first." Most of the guild's officers and many of its veteran members are friends in real life and understand that people come to this game to have fun, when they can, and that there is a far richer world outside Azeroth. For this reason, the Wölves are happy to take in members who are mature, respectful and friendly, even if they cannot play often. Inactive members are placed in an inactive status after a month, but any character or member can be put into a category of leave for any indefinite period, and even an inactive member can be reinstated to his or her pre-leave rank simply by logging in and requesting that it be done.

The Wölves consider themselves an extended family and look out for each other, in and out of game. Guild forums include a members-only area where IC and OOC discussions are shared, and friendships made with clan mates in character often manifest in out of character ones as well. There is a well-stocked, full-capacity guild bank (and a fully-stocked backup bank) that constantly requires officers to give things away because of members' generosity; the biggest fights that break out tend to be when attendees in an instance or raid refuse to take a drop because "someone else might need it more," and the guild's OOC channel and Ventrilo server are generally filled with chatter and laughter 24 hours a day. It is a proud and loyal guild with a long history on the Scarlet Crusade server, stretching back into beta days, and the Storm Wölves consider membership to be a privilege they enjoy and want to share with those willing to be part of a disciplined yet open organization.

A minimum level 20 is required for new recruits. Existing members may enroll alternative characters (alts) at level 15. All members are welcome to use the OOC channel, even while playing on characters that are not Storm Wölves. Storm Wölves does not restrict members from joining other guilds. Membership is generally open and understanding; the "Laws of the Pack" posted on the guild website indicate the rules and requirements the guild expects. These laws revolve around honorable behavior toward one's clan and other Horde members and common-sense mentality, and all Wölves are expected to sign on and agree to those Laws.

As the Storm Wölves is a military organization, RP themes involving violence and conflict can and do occur, and the guild respects the right for its members to RP as they wish, provided they are capable of not taking said conflict beyond in character situations. RP actions do have RP consequences and members are reprimanded or disciplined, in or out of character, if necessary. ERP (erotic or adult content roleplaying) is NOT supported by the Storm Wölves and members caught engaging in adult RP in public will be ejected from the guild without comment.

Inter-Guild Relations Edit

Storm Wölves runs its own end game raiding to which other Scarlet Crusade role players regardless of guild status may be invited, and sponsors RP events across the entire server, such as the recurring Scourgeocalypse! event run with both Horde and Alliance players and the Sixth-Night Fire gathering on Saturday evenings. It enjoys a number of friendships and informal alliances with large and small RP-oriented guilds on the server, and has its own Alliance-side subguild on the Scarlet Crusade server named "Dawn of the Storm" for Horde players who wish to see Alliance storyline and still be able to do so with their Horde guildmates.

Storm Wölves ContactsEdit

Stormcaller (Guild Master: Rank 0)

  • Aglin (1st in command)
  • Agrata (acting guild leader as of Cataclysm]]

Silverpaws (Senior Officers: Rank 1)

Long Fangs (Junior Officers: Rank 2)

Lone Wölves (Junior Officers: Rank 2)

Wölf Legends (No longer in guild/game, but remembered by the Wölves)

  • Volk (guild founder and former guild leader; renamed)
  • Gog (former Wolf Lord and guild leader)
  • Joniji (former Silverpaw)
  • Khulog (former Wolf Lord)
  • Kohl (former Wolf Lord)
  • Ruenn (former Wolf Lord)
  • Scyndra (former Wolf Lord)
  • Akhira (former Long Fang)
  • Darkalf (former Long Fang)
  • Tarru (former Long Fang)
  • Tean (former Long Fang)

Official Guild WebsitesEdit
On WoW Armory:

Storm Wölves Laws: In Character and Out of CharacterEdit - in character - out of character

Storm Wölves Guild Ranking System (The Ordering of Wolves)Edit

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