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Storm is an Alliance raid guild on Firetree US server, with amazing members and a strong penchant for altruism! Now running weekly BWLs and AQ40s. All other instances by request and interest.

Leaders of Storm

Aianna (GM/Druid Class Captain)
Jahl (Rogue Class Captain)
Isao (Warrior Class Captain)
Adorlyn (Priest Class Captain)
Omgkittens (Mage Class Captain)
Darath (Hunter Class Captain)
Azzur (Paladin Class Captain)
Bluefox (Warlock Class Captain)

To contact Storm, check out their website.

Storm is very strong in Paladins, despite Azzur being labeled as one of the "least impressive" several of the Firetree Horde have ever seen, they list Hammuster and Madras amongst their skillful members.

Molten Core Progress: Cleared.

ZG Progress: Cleared.

AQ20 Progress: Cleared.

Onyxia: Cleared.

BWL Progress: Cleared.

AQ40 Progress: Prophet Skeram down. [as of 11/13]

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