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Still Life is a World of Warcraft guild on the Kilrogg US server. We were established in February of 2007 with a core group of individuals from experienced raiding guilds. Our vision was to become one of the top End-Game Raiding guilds on the Kilrogg server, and eventually work towards being one of the best in the world. During our first year, we charged headlong toward our goal. All the while we exceeded expectations of many of the raiding community. We successfully cleared all instances, including our first "server first" kill of Archimonde on August 20, 2007.

Still Life maintains a very small core group of extremely talented players. Led by Mun, we continue striving toward our goal of becoming a top 100 world-wide guild.

Overview Edit

We are always looking for extremely talented players. Please visit our website for more information.

Guild Progress Edit

History Edit

Initially, the first members that signed the Still Life charter were members of another guild on the Kilrogg Server. These players had a desire to be among the top raiders in the world, and felt that the course of their current guild would not take them there. Two members, particularly, felt a necessity to branch out and form a guild with that vision in mind. Thus, Ceremony (Gnome Mage) and Mun (Night Elf Rogue), purchased the charter and formed Still Life.

The name, Still Life, was derived from a hardcore band of the 1990s. Once the name had been decided, recruitment started. With our initial members, we progressed steadily through Karazhan and Gruul's Lair. Guild progression was slowed when we reached Magtheridon, but we continued to push for excellence. Prior to the first Magtheridon nerf, SL managed to kill him. This set into motion the progression that the guild sees today. Still Life was the third guild on the Kilrogg server to slay Magtheridon. Thus, moving us that much closer to becoming a top end-game raiding guild within the Kilrogg community.

Upon progressing into Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye, SL steadily killed boss after boss, and became the second guild to record a Kael'thas kill. Once the Battle of Mount Hyjal attunement was complete, we set our sites on recording a "server first" kill. In less than 4 weeks, Still Life became the first Kilrogg guild to slay Archimonde and record our first "server first".

Still Life has currently cleared all content, up to and including Illidan Stormrage and has been farming content in order to prepare for Sunwell Plateau.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Our scheduled raid nights are Sunday through Thursday, 9pm to 1am PST.

Officers Edit

Mun, Guildmaster 
Guild leader.

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