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Spiritus Sancti is a newly formed raiding guild on the Kilrogg EU server.

Guild DescriptionEdit

This guild was formed by a group of friends and is committed towards end game. We are a semi hardcore raid guild who are currently recruiting people who would like to be part of a mature friendly guild with dedicated and experienced players. To fill out an application please visit or alternatively please contact our Guild Leader Plaxico, or one of his Officers Notsodead, Udiya, Zaraven, Cobblars,"Artyparty" or "Crazytool" in game.

Guild progressEdit

  • IceCrown Citadel 25: Cleared (normal)
  • IceCrown Citadel 10: 3/12 (Heroic)
  • IceCrown Citadel 10: cleared (normal)
  • Trial of the Grand Crusader 10: Cleared
  • Trial of the Crusader 25: Cleared
  • Trial of the Crusader 10: Cleared
  • Onxyia 25: cleared
  • Onxiya 10: cleared
  • Obsidian Sanctum 10: 3 drakes up
  • Eye of Eternity 10: 8 players


Spiritus Sancti was originaly formed by our Guild Leader, Plaxico and a group of friends on the 20 February 2010.Our first guild run was on the 24 March 2010 and on the 10 June Spirtus Sancti cleared ICC 25 person and will now be focusing on 25 man ICC Hard Modes.

Weekly raid scheduleEdit

  • Monday, 21h00 - 00h00 Server
  • Wednesday, 21h00 - 00h00 Server
  • Thursday, 21h00 - 00h00 Server

These will be our main guild raiding times, though we expect that raids will happen on off days on a more informal basis

Guild rulesEdit

  • As a member of Spiritus Sancti you will be a representative of the guild as such we expect you to act in a mature and well behaved manner on the server
  • All raid sign ups are on the Spiritus Sancti website
  • When raiding you are expected to come prepared including flasks, pots, and repair money
  • On raid days, if you are signed up or on standby you are required to be logged on 15 minutes before the start time.
  • If you are on standby you will need to be available throughout the duration of the raid unless the Raid Leader stands you down.
  • Please see our website [1] for a full list of the guild rules


Please contact one of the below for further information.

Guildmaster and Raid Leader
Webmaster for
Notsodead, Zaraven, Cobblars, Artyparty, CrazyTool
General support