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Alliance 32 Spirit of Dawnsong is an Alliance PvE raiding guild formed on Draenor EU.


Spirit of Dawnsong is a raiding guild with around 360 members, social and raiders. We are an Alliance guild on Draenor EU, and are one of the oldest guilds on it. We have friendly and helpful members who are experienced in many aspects of the game, and we have finished our TBC raiding. We are immensely proud of what everyone has achieved, in our guild and others, and we hope to do well in the new Wrath of the Lich King content as it comes out. Together, we shall smite the Lich King, and drive the blade of retribution into the ice of Northrend! Visit for our website and recruiting status.


To carry on in TK/SSC, and to launch our assault on MH/BT we are currently looking for:

Closed-recruitment is not open for this class Low- Very unlikely you will be recruited (In need of 1) Medium- There´s a fair chance you´ll be accepted (In need for 1-2) High-In great need of this class (In need of 2+)

ALL Recruitment is currently closed. Please keep checking to see when spots open up.

Druid: Feral- Closed / Resto- Closed / Oomkin- Closed

Hunter: Closed

Mages: Closed

Paladin: Holy- Closed / Prot- Closed / Retribution- Closed

Priest: Holy- Closed / Shadow- Closed

Rogue: Closed

Shaman: Resto- Closed / Enhancement- Closed / Elemental- Closed

Warlock: Closed

Warrior: Prot- Closed / Fury- Closed


Spirit of Dawnsong is a guild formed long before TBC and WoTLK, and many of its oldest members are from the now disbanded guild, Balls. We are still going strong (and getting stronger!) even after the release of the expansion, which caused many experienced guilds to slack and unable to recover their raiding. After a rocky Christmas '07, we rebuilt our raid team and have cleared almost all original TBC content - Kara, ZA, Maggy, TK/SSC, BT, MH (4/5), and we have attempted Sunwell. We are now preparing for WoTLK and all of the challenges we shall face in the year to come!

Guild ProgressEdit

Weekly Raid ScheduleEdit

Monday, 20:30 PM Server - 25 Man Raid

Wednesday, 20:30 PM Server - 25 Man Raid

Thursday, 20:30 PM Server - 25 Man Raid

Sunday, 20:00 PM Server - 25 Man Raid

Friday and Saturdays often yield our famous "Beer Runs", where groups are formed and go into Kara/ZA. Usually, only Socials and Alts are allowed to attend these (due to Raiders needing to stay unsaved for planned runs) but they are great fun.

Times may vary - check website for specific raid information.


Feud, Guildmaster

Shaman. Contact only if it is important. Contact officers in usual circumstances. As quoted by Handle "Packs out lunches".

Raignos, Raid Leader and Officer

Warrior. Takes control of most of our raids (25 mans) and here to help whenever.

Kataria, Website Manager and Officer

Mage. Sorts out and maintains the guild website, as well as helping anyone in need. Also helps with the Guild Bank.

Hielo, Officer

Priest. General officer who helps run the guild, and often sorts out the Raid groups and teams.

Eldrina, Recruitment and Officer

Shaman. Keeps track of recruitment and searches for new recruits, also helps out with the Guild Bank and here to help when needed.


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