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Spartans (PvE Dalaran US) Edit

Spartans is one of the oldest guilds on the server. The guild was founded the week of WoW's release (November 2004), and was the first Dalaran guild with a tabard. Originally a casual guild of friends at Michigan State University (Spartans), as the membership grew, Spartans became more intensely focused on becoming a raiding guild. Spartans keeps a rigorous schedule of progression raiding yet still manages to retain the atmosphere of camaraderie normally found in much smaller guilds.

The Spartan line of Kings is as follows:
• Soulburn
• Krastain
• Crow
• Nimloth
• Vicious

In 2007 the guild moved to a shared form of leadership, making sure that real life would not disrupt the guild.
• Marthazon, Sabreclaw

Spartan Officers

Ranking SystemEdit

King: Guild Master
Council: Officers
Set Team: Set Team Raiders
Team Backup: Casual Raiders
Citizen: Members of Sparta
Reserve: Inactive Players

Cataclysm Edit

Spartans take raiding seriously but also realistically for players with busy real lives. They raid with a set team of players that have a common goal of attending all raids during a raiding season - three raids a week. Each month, the raiding team is reviewed to make sure that all players can continue to meet the raiding goals.

Progress: [1]


Spartans are interested in players at level 85, geared appropriately for Firelands. They welcome applications and while ranged classes are preferred, exceptional players from any class will be considered for membership.

For more information, visit the website or contact the recruiting manager, Bryhn.

[web site]

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