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Soulbound-Windrunner (Alliance, PvE) Edit


Sunwell Plateau - 0/6 Battle for Mount Hyjal - 1/5 Tempest Keep: The Eye - 3/4 Serpentshrine Cavern - 5/6 Magtheridon's Lair - 1/1 Gruul's Lair - 2/2 Karazhan - 13/13 Zul'aman - 4/6 Edit

Soulbound Timeline

Soulbound started with Dórito, Gnut, and Sofer after leaving Deaths Mercenaries on Jul 09, 2008.

Soulbound is a friendly end-game raiding guild with a possibility for casual gaming. Founded by players who had little to no help building their gear. Their accomplishments were not handed to them, they worked hard while pugging just about everything they could to progress.

Soulbound puts an emphasis on creating a friendly, welcoming environment for our members. WoW is a game we all play for various reasons, but we believe that the common interest we all share is to have fun. And as far as we're concerned we believe that having fun is a lot easier if you have friendly people around you sharing your interests...

Apart from that, Soulbound was founded with the intention to allow casual players to participate in raiding instances like Karazhan, Zul'Aman, Gruuls and Magtheridon. We succeeded.

However as the guild kept growing, improving and progressing new goals showed up on the horizon. Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, Mount Hyjal... Now these instances' difficulty and their requirements in terms of skill, dedication and esp. gear far exceed the likes of Karazhan.

Due to these requirements and for a large portion of our members being keen on progression we've decided to take on theses challenge, and more.

Achieving this won't be easy. And not everyone currently in Soulbound is ready to take on the challenge, which lead us to split our efforts in two.

Karazhan Gear Up

This is where Soulbound's roots are. The casual-friendly guild dropping boss after boss in Karazhan, killing Gruul and High King and the former outlands-boss Magtheridon. We will continue to do this in order to gear up our members that wish to experience SSC/TK but aren't quite ready yet, therefore these raids are not open to everyone, but open to most (with reasonable limitations).

To ensure the success of these raids Soulbound has appointed Karazhan Leader Teams. These KLTs consist of (1) a Main Tank, (2) a Main Healer and (3) Main DPS. Team leader then fill up the remaining 4 spots with regular (and undergeared) guild members. They will try to follow the order of sign-ups however it's not entirely possible since even Karazhan has its requirements and bringing in 7 people with below 400 dps just wouldn't cut it.

The main purpose of scheduling raids on Group Calendar is to make raiding times public. We're aiming at forming 3 KLTs to assure as many of us get to go to Karazhan each week. The designated raiding days for Karazhan should be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Loot will be rolled for based on a need-before-greed system.

Gruuls & Magtheridon are treated almost the same. However, due to the increased difficulty there we will most likely start out with just one raiding team per week and eventually have a second semi-PUG team.

Progression Raiding

This is where Soulbounds immediate future lies. We've grown to a remarkable force within very brief time and now we want to utilize our strengths, overcome our weaknesses and progress deeper into the world of warcraft.

However, that's a complex task. Endgame raiding requires dedication, focus, skill and -nonetheless- gear. Due to esp. gear requirements these raids cannot be open to everyone, no matter how much we would love to open them up. To be successful there, we need to form a main raiding team with dedicated, skilled & geared people on who we can rely.

For that purpose, Soulbounds introduced a new rank into our hierarchy, the rank of a raiding member. People that meet the gear requirement & actively participate in our raids (& heroics), be it in Karazhan to help gear people up, in Sunwell to fill up our guild vault or in SSC and the likes to progress will gain points toward a promotion and ultimately join the main raiding team as a full member with additional benefits like increased permanently sponsored, daily repairs.

But don't worry. We will leave no (wo)man behind. Everyone who currently isn't ready to pull out that little fish in SSC yet, but is willing to put in effort and tries hard to improve will get their chance soon enough.

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