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Sophrosyne is a small but extremely social guild of friends whose aim is to have a good time and progress at all levels of the game. We are currently recruiting ALL levels and classes to strengthen our ranks and are looking for social people looking to have some fun in game and make some new friends.

We believe in a relax & social atmosphere and therefor don't force people into certain specs / roles. If you think you'll fit in nicely amongst us, feel free to contact one of our officers or even better: make an application on our forums. (Which can be found on

We strive to provide people a nice and friendly home where you can enjoy your game and have a good time!

History Edit

At a certain day a Gnome, a few Humans and a Tree decided to step up and create a happy home: Sophrosyne. We started just before the release of Cataclysm and started to grow on a nice pace.

As we dinged Guild Level 25 we hit a nice milestone! It shows that with some dedicated members and a good dose of fun you can reach the max guild level as well :)

Cataclysm was a nice ride for the guild, we had good times, bad times, fun times, etc. With Pandaria on the horizon, (somewhere), I can not wait to see what the future will bring us! If you want to be part of the team, see the recruitment info below :)

Guild rules Edit

There's not much rules as such, but do keep in mind that social has a high place in our minds. So be nice to each other and behave nicely in chat / public channels.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter: @sophrosyne_wow

We are always looking for more friendly people to strengthen our ranks. If you want a nice and friendly guild where social & fun is the main goal, don't hesitate to contact us via the in-game guild finder, our forums, or directly in-game!

Officers Edit

Feel free to contact us for questions, we prefer applications via our forums.

Chromeeh, Guildmaster 
Guild leader and tinker Gnome for the Website / TeamSpeak
Bierblikje, Beancounter 
Bank manager, guards the Guild Treasury

Guild progress Edit

Keep in mind that we don't focus on raiding or end-game, but rather have a nice and friendly atmosphere :)


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Lich King: