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Sons of the Dragon is a new RP/Raiding guild. Most of the higher-ups have experience with RPing, and tend to drop into character every so often during our raids or when we're running around Shattrath waiting for an instance to present itself. The only real prerequistes we have are simple: either be proficient in your given class/role or be open to suggestion to improve. We demand excellence from our members and perfection from our leaders. The good news is we love to see our guildmates improve and soar. I can speak for the rest of the guild when I say that every upgrade (gear or tactics) a guildmate gets is a boon to myself as well. The bad news is the high standards we set for ourselves make it difficult for us to expand as text is a very poor conveyor of linguistic devises such as sarcasm and constructive (not abrasive) criticism.

We want to move through not only the BC instances, but to go back and visit some of the pre-BC content as well, though naturally the emphasis is on the new content. Any questions, let us know! Interested in joining: let us know faster!

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