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Guild Information Edit

  • 10-Man Obsidian Sanctum Wrath-Logo-Small
  • 25-Man Obsidian Sanctum Wrath-Logo-Small
  • 10-Man Naxxramas Wrath-Logo-Small
  • 25-Man Naxxramas Wrath-Logo-Small
  • 10-Man Eye of Eternity Wrath-Logo-Small

Solstice was formed in February 2007.

"We're family friendly, and we understand that real life happens. Many of our members are in college, have children, or work full time. Our focus is on PvE game content at this time (both 10 and 25 man raids), and most importantly creating an overall enjoyable game experience for our members. We offer an operational guild bank, tabard, vent server, rank system, and scheduled guild events." -Damelion

Application Process Edit

Currently there are no level requirements to joining Solstice, however there are no raid positions open at this time. Those wish to join solstice are encourage to fill out the application at the guild website.

Raiding Schedule Edit

All raids are currently scheduled Thursdays at 6:00pm Server Time, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00pm Server time.