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Overview Edit


Solidarity was originally founded back in December 2004 on the European realm Burning Blade as "Dominatus Tantus" - "Dominating all beneath the sky" by 2 Danish people - Asprin and Actionhank.

The guild quickly grew to 360+ members and Molten Core runs was started. Around July/August 2005 the guild however more or less crashed, caused by internal discussions. The guild had become too big, without enough control. At that point a lot of people left - mostly level 60 raiders. After that some guildies; Cpase, Maldor, Pott and Elitha sat down and decided to save the guild. The Leaderboard was formed consisting of these 4 people, with equal power - We learned from the past and decided upon a "Guild Philosophy":

  • No one should ever own the guild. The guild belongs to the members, and the members alone.
  • No one should ever do more work then what he/she has signed up for.
  • No one should ever feel "lower" as others in the guild. Everyone should be threated as equal as possible.
  • Everything should basically be handled in as a democratic way as possible.
  • We have no ambitions of being the largest, quickest or best guild - We just want to be the "right" guild.
  • Teamwork and Fellowship is the key!

Also a strong wish to be viewed as a nice, very friendly and trustworthy guild among others in the community.

Solidarity migrated to Grim Batol from Burning Blade in May 2006.

As of August of 2008 we're raiding Black Temple (cleared) and consist of approximately 150 unique accounts.

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