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Information Edit

Alliance 15Sol Eternum is an Icecrown US alliance raiding guild focused on end-game PvE raid content. All raiders are expected put in the time and effort to push our way through all the high end instances. Members of Sol Eternum should be mature, skilled, well-geared and expect to spend 3-5 days a week raiding 10 and 25-man high end instances.

Raiding PoliciesEdit

Raiding is one of Sol Eternum’s primary focuses. As such, we expect nothing but excellence in our members as far as attitude, attendance, and ability to perform the task at hand.

During raid times, Sol Eternum is organized as a militocracy. This is to ensure an orderly means of communication and effective raids. The chain of command is Council/Raid leader, then Officers, then Class Leaders, then Members. Orders are to be followed to the best of your ability. Questions or issues should be addressed in a reverse order: Member, Class Leader, Officer, Council/Raid Leader. While we take all matters and disputes seriously, the time for discussion on them is after the raid.

We expect our members to be present and paying attention during all raids, pointed or otherwise. The "minimum" required attendance to participate is 50% over a rolling 45-day period. Failure to meet this without good reason will result in demotion from active raider status. Raid composition will be determined by attendance standards. 70% is the benchmark to be considered a primary raider, while anywhere from 50-69% will get you in if there is room. It should be noted however, that raid composition will ultimately be determined by the leadership. A poorly balanced group is both ineffective and a liability, and given the opportunity to correct it we will. If this should happen, we will take utmost care in rotating members in and out in a fair fashion, while giving our primary raiders first shot.

As the bulk of SE works on a schedule, it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of our pointed raids are scheduled in advance. Currently these are 4 days a week, to the tune of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8pm EST to 12am EST. However, there may come a point in the future where the opportunity to grab world bosses exists.

All members must come prepared for raids. This includes, but not limited to, equipment fully repaired, required reagents (ammunition, soul shards and other items needed to complete the task at hand) and the ability to enter the area being raided (must be attuned to Karazhan and others as they are patched in). It also includes consumables, such as needed potions, bandages and other restorative items needed to keep you alive at fights. Further items may be requested, but you will be given advance notice if they are needed. Failure to do so will result in removal or replacement from raids at the leadership’s discretion.

All members are expected to work on resistance sets for future fights/instances. The spirit of this is to ultimately provide more raid survivability without decreasing our effectiveness. Therefore, statless resist gear should ultimately be temporary. If you fail to meet standards depending on the fight, you may be replaced by a someone who does meet standards if you are deemed a liability by the leadership. Future resist gear requirements may be added as necessary, and all members should be working on collecting resist gear whenever you happen across it.

All members are ultimately expected to be in a continual state of character improvement, be it through equipment, skills or practice. Class roles may vary widely from raid to raid, but our general expectations will be listed below. It should be noted that SE has -no- talent requirements. We do, however, expect our members to perform assigned roles regardless of talent setup. In addition to this, members are expected to be able to stay alive. Your overall usefulness at a raid while dead is zero.

Lack of attentiveness, constant, unannounced AFK's, poor performance and attitude problems are an extremely serious matter and will be dealt with in an appropriate fashion.

Loot of value will be decided via our DKP bid system. Points are awarded based on attendance. Details are listed in the DKP section of the Forums.

The ability to listen in on Ventrilo will be required if it is available on your system. An up to date and functioning Deadly Boss Mods and Omen is also required for all of our raiding members.

Raider/Non-Raider Status

A raiding guild requires attention, ability, commitment and consistency in its members if it is to succeed. In that spirit, this section addresses issues concerning both loot distribution and priority in raid slots. These policies are based on percentage of attendance during a rolling 45-day attendance record, starting at the date of the current raid and rolling back 45 days from there. In order to provide a stable, consistent raid force, reliable attendance by members is paramount.

Raider Status: Raid attendance of 70% or better is required to be considered a Raider. Simply put, Raiders receive first consideration for available raid slots, and have no restrictions with regard to bidding on character appropriate items. Those members who attendance rides under 70% but above 50% will be considered for raid slots after those with attendance of 70% or better, and do not have restrictions with regard to bidding for role appropriate items.

Non-Raider Status: Members who have no intention of raiding and/or are not level 70 are considered Non-Raider Status status. This player will be unable to raid, but remain in the guild. This is primarily for S.O.'s and spouses.

Occasionally, at leadership discrection, a member may actually be moved to "Non-Raider" Status. This move can happen for any number of reasons, including but not limited to, poor attendance, poor performance, attitude issues, failure to obtain necessary resist gear, failure to arrive at raids on time and ready to raid (i.e., have proper potions, have armor fully repaired). For the most part, this is not a salvageable situation. However, on rare occasions, a member may be able to re-apply for Raider Status within the guild. Whether or not the player will be accepted back as a Raider will be determined by leadership. Non-Raiders cannot sit outside of raid instances and collect DKP. Further, Non-Raider status affects loot distribution, as shown in the DKP section of the Charter.

Class RolesEdit

Act primarily as tanks at raids. You are expected to have the defensive equipment and/or resists to achieve this task. The ability to act as DPS is good, however it's not your primary function at SE raids. Warriors need to be capable and fast reacting to any changes in the fight.
Act primarily as healers/curers. You are expected to have the best available equipment for this task. The ability to act as dps is admirable but secondary.
Act primarily as healers/curers, with tanking ability for smaller raids as a nice bonus. Paladins are expected to have a set of mana gear in addition to what your standard gear is.
Act "primarily" as healers/curers depending on group composition. Other roles will be assigned as need and group setup dictates, but you are expected to have a set of mana gear at all raids.
Act as dps/crowd control/support. The ability to crowd control effectively is extremely important, as well as the ability to manage aggro.
Act as dps/crowd control/support. Again, the ability to effectively CC is important, as well as the ability to manage aggro.
Healing gear is a requirement regardless of spec. Your class role may vary from raid to raid, and your ability to perform it as well as heal effectively when required is paramount.
Act as dps/crowd control when possible. Be able to do as much damage as possible without getting yourself killed. Survivability is of extreme importance, as your dps when dead is zero.
Act as puller/dps/crowd control. Know how to act as dps effectively, as well as what mobs can be effectively CC'd by your pet or traps. A pet with the proper resistances for the instance is an extreme bonus.

Roles and Responsibilities of Membership TiersEdit

Sol Eternum's basic structure is comprised of four tiers consisting of a Council, Officers, Members, and Initiates. A short description of each tier is listed below.

Guild MasterEdit

This individual is the final word on any guild/raid decision. He works closely with the Officers to help keep the guild focused on goals and objectives. He also acts as a Raid Leader in conjunction with the Officers.


The Officers, composed of a group of appropriate size with consideration to actual guild membership (so as to discourage a disproportionate number of Officers), works with the Council to assist in the day-to-day running of the guild. They will generally be involved in much of the decision-making processes with regard to policy changes, etc.

Additionally, officers may be assigned to certain functions, such as coordinating raids, tracking/maintaining the guild's raid point system, working with others to track guild inventory, monitoring and assisting individuals' progress for keys, attunements, and quests, working in recruiting, and voting on candidates for membership when necessary.


Have been in the guild for at least 30 days on an initiate basis. Full members are divided into two categories: Raiders and Non-Raiders. (Please see section on "Raiders versus Non-Raiders" in our charter.) Full members have certain rights with regard to preference in raiding and bidding for items in raids. There may be times when the general guild membership is polled to obtain the general opinion about aspects of the guild.


Initiates are in Sol Eternum on a trial basis lasting a minimum of 30 days. This period is used to determine whether there is a mutual fit within the guild, the individual's ability to perform on raids, and whether or not the player will be able to fulfill the obligations of a full member of the guild. Initiates are voted on during this 30-day period, unless it is extended.


Recruitment into Sol Eternum is on an as needed basis. We have three states of recruitment that each class can be in. Closed, Select and Open.

Closed Recruitment 
We are not accepting any more of that class.
Select Recruitment 
We have more or less all of a particular class we need, and recruits will have to be highly dedicated and impressive to be given a chance. There will be a much higher rate of failure while we are in select recruitment mode, as there is usually only a one or two person gap between select and closed.
Open Recruitment 
We are in need of more members of that class, and we will be a little more lenient in the initial phases of your trial. We will give chances to people we might not under select recruitment. However, even though expectations are lowered slightly at the beginning of this phase, we still expect the same quality at the end of the trial.

Being classed as a non raider in Sol Eternum does not give you the opportunity to circumvent these classifications. If you are a non raider due to RL issues messing up your attendance, you will likely be given more leeway, but you will still be required to re-apply for raider status. If you are a non raider due to never having been one, sporadic attendance or disciplinary issues, you will be given no leeway, and in fact will probably be judged more harshly, as you already have one strike against you.

Please see our Application Page to submit your application to the guild. You will also find a list of classes and what state of recruitment they are in there. Applications will be reviewed initially by Guild leaders, and the guild will be asked for feedback throughout your 30 day trial. This feedback will be used in the decision for full membership. We will contact you in game if we are in open or select recruitment and we find your application acceptable.

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