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General Edit

Soggy Biscuit Alliance 15Alliance PvE Guild on Shattered Hand.

Recruitment Edit

Recruitment is currently open.

With the upcoming expansion drawing near, we are recruiting.
You can find more information at our [1].

Structure Edit

We utilise a council system for making decisions, with officer meetings being held on Sunday and Wednesday.
The minutes from the Officer Meetings are made available to all our members on the website.

Currently Our Rank System is:

Guildmasters - The Original Founders.
Officers - Officers are long standing members who admin our technology or class leaders.
Veterans - Veterans are allowed access to Officer Meetings.
Members - The core of our guild.
Trials - Members who are currently on tryouts with the guild. Typically new recruits.

Contact Edit


Currently we do not organize raids to sell epic items.
For non-recruitment stuff (eg. rare guildbank trade materials), you can always contact us in game.

Guildmasters : Laquaria, Mooble
Officers: Kebablarz, Kelticfox, Mysticman, Paccman

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