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Guild Information Edit

SoL is a PvE focused casual raiding guild on WoW's EU Ghostlands server. Previously known as the "Sentinels of Light", the Guild has been around from the very early days when the Ghostlands server first began and is currently the home to 70+ members with weekly active raids in both the 10-man and 25-man bracket. The guild also enjoys a rather active website with a great forum and an overall relaxed/fun atmosphere when not raiding.

In addition to the great Burning Crusade Progress, SoL also enjoys trips to the past with very common trips to Zul'Gurub, Onyxia's Lair and is always an active part of server wide pugs to Naxxramas and Molten Core on weekends.

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Raid Progress Edit

List of Key MembersEdit

  • Ejectseat (Present GM)
  • Elixile (Officer + Raid Leader + Webmaster)
  • Nelonius (Officer)
  • Lau (Recruitment)
  • Gwenevive (Officer)
  • MeJustMe (Officer)
  • Ikna (Officer)
  • Steblack (Officer + Raid Assistant)
  • Pou (Officer + Raid Assistant)


We are currently on the lookout for a talented Restoration Shaman who is ready gear and experience wise for T5 content and above. We expect attendance of 3 times a week for the main raid evenings. The weekends are usually spent relaxing off in Karazhan or Zul'Aman farming badges or doing Vanilla WoW Instances.

You can sign up to the guild using this link. If you feel that you have exceptional kills and still would like to join our family to have a good time until we have a raid spot available, feel free to contact one of class leaders below based on your class.

  • Druids Gwenevive
  • Hunters MeJustMe
  • Mages Lau
  • Paladins Steblack
  • Priests Nelonius
  • Rogues Skotsdief
  • Shamans Fireheart
  • Warlocks Zakatar
  • Warriors Elixile