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Siyah khorshed is a mature, casual RP guild with a few members that like to use their imagination to have a good time in game!

This guild was formed on Argent Dawn and is based on the online game Drowtales: Path to Power as the main characters were ported over from that world into WoW. For more information you can contact Ksava or Lhorkull in game.

History Edit

Formed by the towering female Troll warrior K'sava, the Siyah khorshed is a rag-tag group of mercenaries out for raiding and pillaging for profit for the most part. However over time they have developed a very tribal/clan mindset as the Siyah khorshed acts more like a large fighting family than a true mercenary company. Their reputation is growing, especially in part due to a daring raid of the hidden Tei'Kaliath Kaldorei underground city of Shifaye'sindil where they single-handedly razed, pillaged and scattered the remaining survivors to the four winds of Azeroth. These survivors have recently shown up again as the Alliance guild known as the House of Zerrandaes, a group that K'sava wouldn't mind eradicating once and for all, but only if they give her the opportunity to do so. Until then, the Siyah khorshed continues to grow not only in numbers, but in reputation as a very deadly group out for hire to the highest bidder...

Guild rules Edit

  • This is a mature, heavy RP guild. While we do run dungeons and level, we're here primarily to RP and have fun!
  • We do use MyRolePlay (MRP) and members are expected to install that Add-on soon after joining if not before.
    • Some of us also use Gryphonheart Items (GHI), thus a suggested Add-on to install to help enrich your RP experience with us. Also, npcTalk is another extremely useful Add-on.
  • Please send Ksava or Lhorkull a message if you wish to join as we would like to RP with you a bit to see if you'd be a good fit for the guild before confirming your membership.

Officers Edit

Current Guild Officers:

IconLarge Troll FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes warrior Ksava, Chief
Guild leader and Head of the Group. Open for RP and contact for more info on joining our guild.
IconLarge Troll MaleUi-charactercreate-classes hunter Lhorkull, Second
K'sava's right-hand maniac; open for RP and contact for more info on joining our guild.

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