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Guild:Silent Legion (Doomhammer).

Overview Edit

Silent Legion are a casual raiding guild. We're serious enough to get things done and casual enough to have a good time doing it.

Guild Raid Progress Edit

Karazhan Edit

Fully Cleared (many times)

Zul'Aman Edit

Nalorakk (Bear Avatar) Akilzon (Eagle Avatar)

Currently working on Halazzi (Lynx Avatar)

Gruul Edit

Fully Cleared (many times)

Magtheridons Lair Edit

Just starting raiding

Tempest Keep Edit

Void Reaver

Currently working on Astromancer Solarian

Serpentshrine Cavern Edit

Recently started raiding - aim: The Lurker Below

History Edit

Silent Legion was formed in April 2005, the guild had a big change in March 2007 with the 'serious raiders' forming Infinity. The guild continued and are now raiding regularly again in many of the BC instances (see above).

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