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Shpongle Vision is a casual PvE guild currently focused on helping members level their characters.

Guild progress Edit

Shpongle Vision is currently recruiting players of all races, classes, and levels interested in helping level up guild members and overall guild stability. Although a large relative percentage of members are high-level and participate in dungeons and raids, emphasis is placed on helping lower level characters in an effort to support dungeons and raids as a guild in the future.

History Edit

Shpongle Vision was originally formed by Morado and Talindria on August 15, 2009 on the Madoran US server. The name Shpongle Vision is derived from the band Shpongle.

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Shpongle Vision does not currently have a pre-determined dungeon or raid schedule.

Guild rules Edit

Officers Edit

The following guild officers may be contacted for any questions related to Shpongle Vision. Please refer to the Shpongle Vision Armory page for a current list of members.

Shpongle One (guild leader)

  • Morado

Shpongle Hand (guild #2)

  • Talindria

Shpongle Lead (guild officers)

  • Akinn
  • Matchlight
  • Teldor