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Shield of Faith is a casual, community-oriented, raiding guild. Its goals are to have fun, nurture a friendly community and progress through the content at its members' own pace.

Shield of Faith was formed on Zenedar and currently partakes in mostly PvE activites. To fill out an application go to this link. Registration is required to submit an application and all applications need to be approved by a moderator. For more information you can contact an Officer in-game.

Guild newsEdit

  • 7th July 2010. First true guild raid, since reformation, and venture into ICC. All bosses up to Deathbringer Saurfang, Rotface and Festergut cleared.
  • 27th April 2010. Shield of Faith reforms with most of the core membership returning.
  • April 2009. Shield of Faith formed.


Shield of Faith was formed by past members of Copula Fatalis, in the effort to progress through the content in Northrend. SoF maintains strong ties to both Copula Fatalis and one of its other off-shoot guilds, Draconis Immortalis.


  • Strust, Guild Leader:Orc Warrior and aggro ninja.
  • Ph, Officer:Holy Paladin and savior of all that raid.
  • Vigoratus, Officer & Teamspeak 3 Server Administrator:Holy healer and guild face-melter.
  • Grunninger, Officer:Tauren Shaman, chain healer and Death Knight on occasion
  • Ascendânt, Officer & Website Administrator:Dual (Holy/ Disc) personality healer. Some might even say confused! :)

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