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Shichinintai (七人隊 - Seven Man Group) is a casual PvE Raiding guild, originally founded by real life friends that share a community in common. It is one of the older guilds on Detheroc (founded June 26, 2007), and still maintains active participation from four of the founding members.

This guild was formed on Detheroc. We are dedicated towards game progression, slowly working towards end game. For more information you can contact Dakkuuan/Alexial, Vilkacis, or any other officer in game.

Guild progress Edit

In progress

History Edit

Shichinintai was formed on June 26th, 2007. The founding members were Dakkuuan, Vilkacis, Zarbosa, Lightman, Inki(No longer part of the guild), Masnart, and four unknown characters (at the moment).

Weekly raid schedule Edit

Shichinintai currently runs guild raids of Naxxramas every Saturday at 6:00 pm (1800) Server. We run strictly 10 man, currently. We begin with a single wing a week, working towards training and gearing our currently growing raid base.

Guild rules Edit

In Progress

Officers Edit

Dakkuuan, Guildmaster (Kurokage - Means Dark Lord) 
Founding member of Shichinintai.
Vilkacis, Co-Guildmaster (Kurokisage - Means Dark Queen) 
Founding member of Shichinintai.
Lightman, Lieutenant (Sannin) 
Founding member of Shichinintai.
Zarbosa, Lieutenant (Sannin) 
Founding member of Shichinintai.
Masnart, Lieutenant (Sannin) 
Currently Inactive - Founding member of Shichinintai.
Zahana, Lieutenant (Sannin) 
Associate Webmaster of the Shichinintai Website and the primary creator/editor of this WoWWiki page.
Druidsneak, Lieutenant (Sannin) 
Avalbane, Lieutenant (Sannin) 
Currently Inactive
Sësshomaru, Lieutenant (Sannin) 
Rezuras, Lieutenant (Sannin) 
Knuckla, Lieutenant (Sannin)