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Shattered Chain a casual and friendly guild for members of the Horde!

Overview Edit

This guild was formed on Magtheridon. It is a casual-friendly European guild that just started with some minor endgame raiding. We are open for friendly people that are level 20 and above. For more information you can contact Thelia, Filten, Helxaz or Steaknchips in the game.

Guild Progress Edit


History Edit

Shattered Chain is a product of the merge between the female-char only guild of Free Amazons and their alt-guild Shattered Chain. Free Amazons experienced some very nice and friendly levelling but when it came to endgame instances the lack of female-tanks on Magtheridon forced them to merge with their alt-guild and the new Shattered Chain was born. Sadly some of the member of Shattered Chain didn't go with the change but a large part of the main-core is playing a major part in the guild as of today.

More coming soon...

Schedule Edit


Guild Rules Edit

Coming very soon!

Officers Edit

Thelia Filten Helxaz Steaknchips

Crafters Edit

Coming soon!

Recruitment statusEdit

Coming soon!

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