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Shadows of the Dark (SotD) is a 10 years old Alliance guild on Blackmoore EU , (before on Eredar EU). 


Shadows of the Dark was founded 2004 in Diablo 2. After over 8 years on the server Eredar she belongs to the past guilds have existed since classic. Now they play World of Warcraft and Diablo3.

In 2013 the guild moved from Eredar EU to Blackmoore EU after they was the last active Raidguild on Eredar EU Allianz.

PvE ProgressEdit

Shadows of the Dark in Mists of PandariaEdit

Shadows of the Dark in the CataclysmEdit

Shadows of the Dark in the Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

10 and 25 man raids:

Shadows of the Dark in the Burning CrusadeEdit

Shadows of the Dark in "Vanilla WoW"Edit


PvP in "Vanilla WoW"Edit

Phibi - Achievement pvp a 14 Grand Marshal

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