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This article is a guild information page for Shadows of Argus of Moon Guard US.

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Guild pages must comply with the guild page policy.

Alliance 32 Shadows of Argus
Name Shadows of Argus
Server Moon Guard US
Guild Level 25
Leader Nhadíya
Levels 90
Type RP-PvP
Website Shadows of Argus Shadows of Argus @ Moon Guard

<Shadows of Argus> is a draenei-centric RP-PvP guild headquartered in the Exodar (and in Pandaria). <Shadows> is, in part, an intelligence service and covert ops organization operating in support of the Hand of Argus. More than this, though, it is an order of Draenei who are more practical-minded than some of their kin when it comes to doing what they think needs to be done to further the interests of their people. This includes working with character classes and personality types that other Draenei might not choose to associate with. It also means they're willing to use less-tasteful methods of getting the job done, when necessary.

To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact Nhadíya, Maeorra, Glyllena, Arloth, Isadorí, in game.


1.) "Isn't this a Draenei guild? What about the other races?"

Sort of. We're trying something new. The premise is that these are Draenei who have taken it upon themselves to enlist the aid of members of the other races and include them in their day-to-day operations. We encourage Draenei RPers who might enjoy that prospect to give us a look! Other races who are interested in learning about and making friends with Draenei are also encouraged to join and see what we have to offer.

2.) "Are there class restrictions?"

No! As above, the premise of the guild is inclusive of all allied races and classes. The only characters that won't really have a place in <Shadows> are those (more pious and traditional Draenei, for example) who refuse to associate with "undesirables" like rogues and warlocks, and also characters who are unabashedly and unrepentantly evil. That's not what we're about. You've got to at least have somewhat of a conscience to belong here.

3.) "Draenei hiring mercenaries? Draenei associating openly with rogues and warlocks? Draenei stooping to spying, sabotage, interrogation, and even assassination? Isn't that kinda lore-breaking?"

Not really. The Hand of Argus, in the Bloodmyst quest line, are shown to be very pragmatic individuals who'll do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. While certain members of Draenei society might well regard themselves as being above such behavior and such associations, the Draenei have been trying for quite a long time now to make their place in the world, and some of them might well have come to the conclusion that they can't afford to cling to such haughtiness anymore. Indeed, haughtiness and insularity have cost them dearly in the past.

4.) "Do I have to be a Draenei lore expert, or a very experienced RPer?"

Not at all. But we would like you to at least have an interest. We're more than happy to teach you what you need to know.

5.) "Do I have to PVP?"

Not if you don't want to. It's a big component of what we do, so of course we encourage participation in PVP events and also taking part in running BGs and PvP training events for gear and experience, but if you do not enjoy PVP, don't sweat it. There is no requirement to do so.

IC Ranks

Each branch will be generally suited to specific classes and roles, but there is certainly no rigid guideline as to which class/role can join a specific branch. It mostly comes down to how you want to RP your character and the sort of role you'd like to have within the guild. ALL OF THE BRANCHES MATTER, and all of the branches will take part in RP and events, as appropriate. The idea is not to make some seem more useful or glamorous than others. It's purely for RP flavor and immersion

Also, don't feel like you're locked in to your choice. The point of the way the guild is set up is to encourage (and even require) a fair bit of crossover and cooperation between branches, so regardless of your choice, you'll probably wind up interacting with and working with everybody else ICly and OOCly, anyway. Everybody will get the chance to prove their combat mettle ICly, if they wish to do so, so even the non-combat branches will get their chance to be badass! And you can change branches, of course, if you wish to.

Now... without further ado, your officers, and their respective branches:

The Assembly of Shadows Field Marshal Arloth Professor Glyllena Diplomat Isadori Caregiver Nhadiya Watcher Maeorra

The Assault Branch (led by Arloth): This is the heavy combat branch, the more soldierly members of the order. These are the heavy hitters, called into action whenever the order must fight toe-to-toe with enemies on the battlefield. It will, as a rule, include most of the warriors and paladins, but also has room for battle-mages and other folks who want to make open combat their focus. Expect a fairly heavy military style structure and organization if you join this branch.

The Scholar Branch (led by Glyllena): The researchers, archivists, scholars, and other learned, bookworm-types. Whenever the order needs some mysterious artifact researched or recovered alchemical formula analyzed, these will be the people who do it. Also, this branch will probably include some of the more pious anchorites/priests who tend to the faith needs of the rest of the order. You'll get to show your character's intellectual muscle plenty here. Bookish mages/priests, and characters who ICly are skilled archaeologists, enchanters, scribes, and alchemists, this might just be the place for you.

The Diplomatic Branch (led by Isadori): These are the diplomats, the liasons, the outreach to other organizations. Those who join this branch will interact frequently with other guilds ICly and OOCly, and have the crucial function of forging bonds and negotiating agreements with other alliance (and possibly even horde, on occasion) orders. If your character is very sociable and outgoing, or if you have a lot of IC/OOC contacts, consider this calling.

The Support Branch (led by Nhadiya): The crucial members who focus their efforts on maintaining the well-being of others, be it by healing, or by providing them with the very best in equipment and provisions. These folks will see their share of combat, too, though ICly they'll be more focused on patching up wounded allies and repairing damaged equipment. Medics and healers, along with skilled crafters, and even IC fishermen and cooks, give this a look.

The Covert Branch (led by Maeorra): The spies, the assassins, the saboteurs, the trackers, the generally sneaky and more nefarious agents of the order. These are the people who will probably be the first in and the last out, the eyes and ears of the order. Rogues and warlocks will of course naturally fit in here, but so will many other characters who don't have the qualms (or may actually relish) getting their hands dirty and doing less-than-tasteful work.

OOC Ranks

Officers: As stated above, these are the leaders of the organization. Nhadiya currently holds the GM keys, but we all work together as a group to keep the guild running. Officers are the representatives at server-wide events, those who can offer guidance on PvE, PvP, gearing, gemming, enchanting, reforging, and general game strategies, and the people you come to if you have questions or issues. Officers will be your cheerleaders, happy to give you opportunities to better your skills. We regularly take groups into random battlegrounds, random heroics, or help lowbies level. We work hard to keep our guild a great community, and we expect that from our members.

Elite: These are the best of the best. These are max-level players who have shown great initiative in not only gear grinds, but general guild assistance. These people are experts at their class(es), willing to field questions that officers may not know, eager to put on and participate in RP events, and continually prove themselves to be worthy to be called our Elites by sheer dedication to the storylines and to the objectives of the game. -Minimum gear requirements for PvE elites: LFR-ready (or better) gear, properly gemmed, enchanted and reforged. PvE-Elite players will be volunteering their time to take guildies on heroics, signing up for raids, or researching fights to lead raids. -Minimum gear requirements for PvP Elites: Current season Honor gear or better - properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged, and access to Ventrilo (speaking is preferred, but if you don't have a mic, you still need to listen). PvP-Elite members will be expected to participate in regular training led by Arloth. Arenas and RBGs with other guild members are preferred - at the very minimum, we expect you to be going on random BGs often. -RP-Elites will be planning and executing RP events, creating storylines within the guild, and generating ideas for future campaigns.

Veteran: Veterans are experienced, dedicated, and eager to learn more. They are not yet Elite by the simple fact that they are either not yet max level or not yet max geared. They are the better than average player and are on their way to becoming Elite if they so choose. They are raid- and RBG-ready, or nearly so, and will be invited and encouraged to attend such events.

Regular: Regulars are those who have solid experience, those we can always count on to be at RP events, or to pick up in a raid or bg, those who want to level and craft and hang out in a supportive community environment, but don't necessarily seek out the pressure that Veteran or Elite status may bring. Regulars are, of course, still invited to RP events, raids, battlegrounds, and when deemed appropriate by Arloth, RBGs.

Recruit: Recruits are those who we have determined a good fit for our guild. We see potential in their character and their playstyle, and wish to encourage it further. Because they are relatively new, though, we wish to get to know this player better before moving them up in rank.

Prospect: Prospects are general applicants. Once you have applied on the website and have been approved by two officers, you will be placed in the guild as a Propsect. Prospect period, depending on your play schedule, could last 2-4 weeks. This is so you have time to get in, get to know people, and start to develop a story and determine where your interests might lie, as well as for us to work with you on any issues you may have had on your application, and see how you perform with game mechanics.

Find us on our website:, or get in touch with Glyllena, Maeorra, Isadori (alt161 for the last I), Arloth, or Nhadiya (alt161 for the I) in game.

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