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<Shadows of Argus> is a draenei-centric RP-PvP guild headquartered in Ironforge. <Shadows> is, in part, an intelligence service and covert ops organization operating in support of the Hand of Argus. More than this, though, it is an order of Draenei who are more practical-minded than some of their kin when it comes to doing what they think needs to be done to further the interests of their people. This includes working with character classes and personality types that other Draenei might not choose to associate with. It also means they're willing to use less-tasteful methods of getting the job done, when necessary.

To fill out an application go to For more information you can contact Maeorra, Glyllena, or Arloth in game.

FAQ Edit

1.) "Isn't this a Draenei guild? What about the other races?"

Sort of. We're trying something new. The premise is that these are Draenei who have taken it upon themselves to enlist the aid of members of the other races and include them in their day-to-day operations. We encourage Draenei RPers who might enjoy that prospect to give us a look! Other races who are interested in learning about and making friends with Draenei are also encouraged to join and see what we have to offer.

2.) "Are there class restrictions?"

No! As above, the premise of the guild is inclusive of all allied races and classes. The only characters that won't really have a place in <Shadows> are those (more pious and traditional Draenei, for example) who refuse to associate with "undesirables" like rogues and warlocks, and also characters who are unabashedly and unrepentantly evil. That's not what we're about. You've got to at least have somewhat of a conscience to belong here.

3.) "Draenei hiring mercenaries? Draenei associating openly with rogues and warlocks? Draenei stooping to spying, sabotage, interrogation, and even assassination? Isn't that kinda lore-breaking?"

Not really. The Hand of Argus, in the Bloodmyst quest line, are shown to be very pragmatic individuals who'll do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. While certain members of Draenei society might well regard themselves as being above such behavior and such associations, the Draenei have been trying for quite a long time now to make their place in the world, and some of them might well have come to the conclusion that they can't afford to cling to such haughtiness anymore. Indeed, haughtiness and insularity have cost them dearly in the past.

4.) "Do I have to be a Draenei lore expert, or a very experienced RPer?"

Not at all. But we would like you to at least have an interest. We're more than happy to teach you what you need to know.

5.) "Do I have to PVP?"

Not if you don't want to. It's a big component of what we do, so of course we encourage participation in PVP events and also taking part in running BGs and PvP training events for gear and experience, but if you do not enjoy PVP, don't sweat it. There is no requirement to do so.

IC Ranks Edit

Each branch will be generally suited to specific classes and roles, but there is certainly no rigid guideline as to which class/role can join a specific branch. It mostly comes down to how you want to RP your character and the sort of role you'd like to have within the guild. ALL OF THE BRANCHES MATTER, and all of the branches will take part in RP and events, as appropriate. The idea is not to make some seem more useful or glamorous than others. It's purely for RP flavor and immersion

Emissary OOCly, the Emissary is the Guild Master. ICly, he or she is the same rank as the rest of the officers (Archons). He or she is simply the Archon whose job is to interact with other guilds in a Public Relations kind of way. This is currently Xeula.

Archon OOCly the Archons are the Guild Officers. ICly they are the leaders of the order. They are currently Glyllena, Arloth, and Maeorra.

Archons are the only rank allowed to wear a Renowned Guild Tabard ICly.

Archon Alt OOCly these are the Officers' alts. Their IC rank will be indicated in the character note, which can be found in the in-game Guild roster. All Archon Alts should be treated according to their IC rank in IC situations.

Shield This is the most prestigious rank that a member can attain. ICly the Shields are the members in whom the Archons trust the most. They are relied on to take charge of situations (ICly) when an Archon is not present. The Archons often tell the Shields what they know and sometimes ask them to weigh in on important decisions. The Shields are the most skilled soldiers in the Shadows of Argus. OOCly, they participate in and create RP events regularly and show initiative in participating in and/or driving PvE and PvP initiatives in the guild: either raids, battlegrounds, guild group dungeons runs etc. Top gear for these characters is recommended but not required. Shields must be level capped.

Shields are permitted to wear an Illustrious Guild Tabard ICly.

Valiant These would be our time-tested members. Soldiers, support roles, tradesmen etc. Valiants participate in RP events regularly. They are encouraged to participate in OOC PvE and/or PvP runs from time to time as well, but might not have top gear. Valiants must be level capped.

[Valiants are permitted to wear an Illustrious Guild Tabard ICly.

OOC All OOC or casual Alts as well as purely OOC players would be ranked at this level. OOC ranked members have the same guild bank privileges as those in Peacekeeper rank.

Peacekeeper This rank is our newest recruits. They have been inducted into the order ICly and will remain at this rank until they prove themselves to the order. All characters must reach level 20 before being formally inducted and promoted to this rank.

Peacekeepers are permitted to wear the simple, basic Guild Tabard ICly.

Neophyte People who are interested in joining but have not yet been sworn/initiated in. All prospectives must be at least level 10 before being invited to the guild. Neophytes will remain at this rank for approximately two weeks before being eligible for promotion, however, the Archons (officers) can choose to hold anyone at this rank for a long period of time should they feel the need to.

Neophytes should not wear Guild Tabards at all ICly. A Guild Tabard will be given to them after their formal induction.

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