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Shadowclan is a Heavy Role-play, PvP and PvE clan on the Ravenholdt server. It consists mainly of Orcs, Trolls, and Goblins and being xenophobic does not allow any other races in. They focus heavily on a chain of command and certain members of certain ranks are restricted in what they can or cannot wear. The guild is devoted to above all a fun and enjoyable game environment.

Guild History Edit

Shadowclan has it's origins in Ultima Online when a group of players decided that they wanted to create intelligent enemies for others to fight. So they equipped Orc armor and acted like Orcs. Once the glory days of Ultima were gone, the players branched out into other games like Warhammer Online and World of Warcraft and brought their unique playing style with them.

Guild Backstory Edit

The Shadowclan are the remnants of the Shadowmoon clan that were left behind when Ner'zhul left Draenor throught the Dark Portal. Left alone in their homeland without leadership they formed their own society and traditions apart from most orcs. It was not until one fateful day when a second portal was discovered that the Shadowclan orcs decided to move into the new world of Azeroth with their distant brethren. Before the Dark portal re-opened the Shadowclan was trapped on Azeroth and was forced to make its home there.

Guild Ranks Edit

Shadowclan is divided into specific ranks which each have their own restrictions and privileges. If a person of a higher rank gives a lower one an order they are expected to follow it. No rank can display cloaks by default, this is reserved for the tribe that is the winner of the Drinkee Fezt event and the Warboss rank.

From highest to lowest Edit

  • Nob: These are the officers of the guild they maintain the rules, organize large events, head the tribes in the clans, and test prospective Gruntees.
  • Grunt: These are higher ranked full members. You must be at least level 60 and prove yourself worthy of this rank to be promoted. They can display helmets, ride any mounts, and capable of recruiting new members and joining a tribe.
  • Gruntee: Full initiate into the clan, you must pass a test and be at least level 40 to be accepted into this rank. Gruntees can ride fast mounts, do have access to the auction house, and have greater access to the Guild vault. Once you become a Gruntee you cannot leave the clan, if you do you will be barred re-entry from any branch of the Shadowclan.
  • Peon: Prospective members of the clan, this rank is reserved for new members looking for entry. Entrance as a peon is permitted until level 20. At this time you can decide whether or not you enjoy the play-style of Shadowclan and are free to leave if you find it does not agree with you. They are expected to learn crafting skills, participate in clan events, and learn all they can about the clan and its history. They cannot wear shirts or the clan tabard, cannot use the auction house, and have limited access to the Guild vault. Peons can ride slow mounts.
  • Mushead: These are members on a probationary status, they have all the same expectations as peons but have broken a rule and must prove that they can follow the rules before they are reinstated to their former rank.

Guild Rules Edit

The Shadowclan has a few rules which are strictly reinforced, if they are blatantly not followed then you will removed from the clan and barred from re-entry.

  • All clan members are expected be in character while in any chat, with the exception of whispers.
  • All clan members are expected to follow the chain of command.
  • All clan members must speak the clan language at all times.
  • If there are any issues with fellow clan members address it privately to a Nob and not in Guild chat.

Tribes Edit

There are currently five tribes in Shadowclan. Tribe membership is not mandatory but comes with added bonuses for those who wish to put forth the effort. Each tribe has individual shirt and mount colors that are specific to their tribe. To join a tribe you must perform tasks that the head of the tribe puts forward, these tasks are uniquely tailored to the overall theme of the tribe.

  • Drae'hai: The Drae'Hai are the old world orcs, they long for return to Draenor and to live the life of the orcs of old, with battles, hunting, and an abundance of drink. They are planners and brawlers intent on return to Draenor. They wear brown shirts and ride brown wolves.
  • Ghaashblud: The Ghaashblud are the blood-thirsty orcs, they are completely focused on battle and killing humans. They were founded during the war of orc and humans and were expected to be disbanded once peace came, it never did. They wear red shirts and ride timber wolves.
  • Buurz'traga: The Buurz'traga are the dark orcs, they focus on mastering the darkness inside of them and teeter on the brink of insanity. Though many of them indeed embrace this insanity as a means to gain what they seek whatever that may be. They wear black shirts and ride black wolves.
  • Fugrus: The Fugrus are the modern tribe, their main focus is search and aquisition of wealth. They strive to be powerful, know that money means power, so the rich are the powerful. Members of this tribe wear yellow shirts and there is no specific mount color yet.
  • Bloodmoon: The Bloodmoon Tribe is a group of fanatic orcs who worship and devote their lives to the Wargod. They commit their lives to serving the Wargod and in doing so find peace in their existence. They fight with a calm and cool demeanor, often stopping after a fight to say a chant or prayer to the Wargod for the fallen.

At the end of every lunar cycle, the clan hosts the Drinkee Fezt. The Drinkee Fezt determines which tribe is the High tribe, the high tribe is allowed to display cloaks. The Drinkee Fezt also determines the warboss for the next moon's cycle. This is determined through combat at the Circle of Blood in Blade's Edge Mountain.

Language Edit

The Shadowclan speaks its own individual language known as the blah. It is a phonetic language with a few words that are specific to it. Examples are:

  • Ug = Hello
  • Gug'ye = Good bye
  • Klomp = Kill
  • Flat = Dead
  • Blah = Speak, say, talk etc.
  • Gruk = think, know, understand etc.
  • 1 = Ash
  • 2 = Dub
  • 3 = Gahk
  • 4 = Futh
  • 5 = H

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