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A long time ago, in times much fairer, a group of friends decided to form a guild in the spirit of charity. Now many years later Shadow of the Moon has persevered through many troubling times. Our values remain the bedrock upon which we build, and we constantly strive to see the good in all things and promote that good over all the universe. We invite all those with the banner of compassion to spend a time with us and share in the loving family we've created.

Guild Information Edit

The Shadow of the Moon is a casual medium roleplaying guild on the Sisters of Elune server. We feature in-character guild chat and an optional out of character channel as well as a casual raid and planned RP events.

We function as an extended family, assisting each other with quests, items, raiding, and having fun. Honesty, respect, integrity, charity, and compassion are hallmarks of our group. The atmosphere of friendship and family is, for us, the foundation of everything.

Shadow of the Moon is summed up with the following and expects the same of our guild members;

The guild's foundation was based on the ancient Order of Beneficence (Order of Good Deeds). All members of the guild devote themselves to three defining traits:

1. Benevolence (Kindness and respect for everyone)

2. Charity (Giving when it is not convenient or beneficial)

3. Family (Commitment to personal bonds with other guild members)

Website and application Edit

If you go to Shadow of the Moon's website you can read over lots of information about our guild and submit an application to join the guild on our forums.

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