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Shadow Siege is an old family guild that prides itself at enjoying all aspects of WOW. The siege actively participates in everything from pvp to raiding with solid progression. We prefer to keep it light and social, but know when to quiet down and get to work. We have a long history of being able to accomplish objectives that would overwhelm other groups.

This guild was formed on Muradin. It was founded on the basis of enjoying group play, and we all pay our monthly dues to blizzard and deserve to play with others out to enjoy the game and not greed or gold. We recruit people who tend to give more than take, those who don't mind wiping a few times to learn a fight, and of course, those who would rather talk and laugh than curse and scream. To fill out an application go to Shadow Siege. For more information you can contact Smileycyrus or Belladonas in game.

Guild progressEdit

  • ICC - Weekly, currently 5/12


This guild was originally formed by Smileycyrus and a group of friends in November of '06. After experiencing a few guilds in which the promotion and slots were based on popularity, the siege was designed as a democracy to promote fair play. Over the years, the faces have changed as friends have come and gone, but the ideals that have kept us strong are still enforced. Promotion and rank is based completely on fellow guild member's recommendations. The over all idea is that each member is important and has a voice in how the guild functions. Unlike other guilds that seem to self-destruct after the first conflict over gear or raiding slot, the siege trudges forward regardless of conflict due to the solid structure at the core of its design.

Weekly raid scheduleEdit

  • Friday, 9:00 PM Server - Weekly Raid
  • Sunday, 6:00 PM Server - Random
  • Wednesday, 8:00 PM Server - Continue Sunday run

Guild rulesEdit

  • This is a Social guild of progression, we tend to call each other by their first name considering most have a ton of alts.
    • We do focus on working together and making the most out of our play time, but do require that the air stay light. Nasty attitudes will not be tolerated, we come here for fun, not stress....Only thing that should be stressful is that next boss we are trying, not each other.
  • If we can't do raids because of attendance, we will move onto something productive that can be accomplished with the online members.


Shadow Siege promotes individual play equally with group play, this is lightly accomplished with the help of the following cat herders:

Smileycyrus, Caesar 
Guild leader. Contact for admin-ship and advice on how to best use your fuzzy kittens in pictorial exploitation, head feline motivator.
Lucuis, Senate
Partner in crime with Piices. Despite his current addiction to achievements, this achievement whore has a hard time deciding whether he is a herder or fellow kitty.
Piices, Senate
HTML and bot master. Tends to break the wiki by editing templates, goto knowledge base.
Reayna, Senate
Gone AWOL and thought to be fed.
Shay, Senate
Would really like a little cheer-leading outfit.
Chundra, Senate
Gone AWOL as well, could possibly be dining with Reayna.