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Shadow Ryders was created the 14 - 05 - 2005 by Darkchild - and is currently lead by Bojay.

In the beginning the guild was doing stuff like UBRS, Strat, Scholo etc..

After the guild started MC, it became the 3rd best alliance guild on the server.

A couple of months went, Shadow Ryders cleared MC and went on to BWL and made their first full clear in February 2006.

After BWL, the trip went to AQ40 where Shadow Ryders cleared up to the Twin Emperors leading the progress on the realm, after Twins there was a short break which meant that they lost the serverfirst C'Thun by a couple of days, and the alliance first C'Thun by 3 hours. How ever Shadow Ryders has made up for that now, and are currently (21-09-2006) the guild with the most bosses down in Naxxramas on The Maelstrom.

9th of June 2008 Shadow Ryders found themselves struggling with attendance and made the critical decision of merging with BAFFO, who were at that time having the same problems due to the Summer Vacation. The 25 best raiders of BAFFO meet up with the 25 best raiders of Shadow Ryders in hope to create The Maelstrom nr. 1 guild. Under the shared management of Zesauce and Kjeks, SR now lies with the progress of 4/6 in SWP, the same amounts as the Horde guild Sanctum on the same server

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